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I really want to love the Wyze products, but am really struggling to do so.

My needs are simple… I wanted a solution that would monitor the perimeter of my house for unwanted visitors (human and animal) and if one was spotted, I wanted the lights to on and for me to be notified. So, I researched products and services and settled on Wyze because of the products and services they offered and because they are an engineering firm so I thought the products would keep getting better.

What I find myself with is a constant headache because I cannot get the products to act in unison and deliver my requirements outlined above.

I finally got the cameras to act the way I wanted, but the lights are constantly going off with no notification of motion by the cameras. It is extremely frustrating.

Can someone please offer up configuration settings for both the cameras and the floodlights to deliver what I need? I have attached screenshots of my current camera and floodlights. They are all set the same. I have four floodlights, two of which I have added additional cameras to to provide different angles.

Also, does anyone have a solution to allow family members to turn the floodlights off and on without having the app on their phones? Or with the apps on their phones but not having to provide a major training class to allow them to operate them?

This is a great community and I’m sure you will find lots of users willing to help you with your settings and configuration.

Could you clarify a few things first, to help us help you.

Do you want ALL the Wyze floodlights to turn on when any of them detect motion, or just the one that detected motion?

Do you want to use AI filters like person, vehicle, etc, or just any motion?

And for allowing others to turn on and off the light, the only current way I know of is via the app. If you get your family members setup with an account and install the app, you should be able to share the floodlight with them and they can view the live view and hit the little floodlight icon above the live view to turn the light on and off. That should be pretty easy to show them, as long as they don’t need any other functionality out of the app.

I only want to turn on the light that spots the motion and the only motion I care about is person, pet and vehicle

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Just taking a look at what you have posted for that one cam and Floodlight, a couple of things stand out…

  1. Your floodlight is currently only being activated by Rules and Schedules since the Floodlight Control is set to Off which I will assume also disables the PIR activation of the Floodlight. I will assume, based on your stated use requirements, that there are no schedules. Do you have rules programmed?

  2. You stated you wanted the Floodlight to turn on and you receive a Push Notification for Vehicles. But, you aren’t recording any Vehicle Events in your Smart Detection settings even though the Vehicle Notifications is toggled.

  3. You have the cam set to record Sound Events. Do you also want push notifications and Floodlight activation for Sound Events?

  4. The number of motion events that are sent to the server for AI processing is affected by your Cam Sensitivity. What is that set to?

Note that Floodlight activation based on Rules triggered by AI events is going to be substantially slower than activation based on cam sensed motion or PIR sensed motion. This is because the video has to be uploaded, interrogated on the server, tagged, and then rules triggered back down to the cam and Floodlight when the notification is sent.

  1. There are no schedules but there is a rule that the light will go on if the camera senses motion - doesn’t work. Also, I turned all the floodlights off because they were all on “Auto” but were going off with no motion detected.

  2. That is my backyard camera. If there are vehicles back there, I have bigger challenges than my floodlights not working :laughing:

  3. I don’t want sound detection on. I may turn that on later once I get everything else working.

  4. Cam sensitivity varies by camera. I tested that over a period of a couple months so that my notifications of wind and rain would stop. Again, I only want to be notified of intruders.

If I could get this to work without rules, I would be thrilled, but I could not get Cam motion or PIR motion detection to work properly.

Any input, recommendations or comments are greatly appreciated. I am committed to making this work!

Not sure this rule will work when you have the “All Motion Events” toggled off in the Event Recording. You are only recording tagged Smart Detection Events to the cloud. You should be able to leave the Event Recording settings as they are and build a rule to activate the floodlight for X min when a Person is detected (another rule for Vehicle, another rule for Pet).

Record Sound Events is on for the cam above.

The only way you can restrict the floodlight to coming on for Person, Vehicle, and pets is by use of the rules. If you use the Cam Motion to activate, all motion will activate it (bugs, shadows, rain, trees, etc.) If you use the PIR only to activate, any heat source will turn the light on.

Turn back pir sensor detection and take screenshots of the pir sensor settings

If you also have camera detection on as well, it maybe that the camera is getting triggered a lot by motion, try reducing the camera motion detection sensitivity

Also if the floodlights getting triggered on too much , try turning off the IR lights. With the IR lights on , any dust or bug or rain will trigger the camera and also create a double mirror effect

So based on this advice, can you recommend proper settings for both the camera and the floodlight? I would be happy to set up rules for everything after that.

Honestly, @Rulwiz went thru Heck and back dialing in their Floodlight and has a lot of experience testing how it reacts in different situations. And, as they indicated, because the Floodlight has a Passive IR sensor and the cam has Active IR emitters when in IRNV, it is very easy for the cam emitters to overwhelm the PIR sensor when they are on.

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These are my current settings on the upper deck camera and floodlight. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is the PIR setting if I were to turn the floodlight to auto

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So team, based on all this, what should the settings be on my camera and floodlight to give me the end-result I am looking for? Looking to take your overall advice and test it tomorrow night.

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Okay so I’m still not fully understanding what it is that you’re needing help with so pardon my ignorance here

What is it that you need ? Or what is it that you need help achieving, bc from your post it says that you want to be notified of camera motion ?

So I’m still a bit confused , if you could just tell us what it is that you’re wanting to do … thanks

Unfortunately, every Cam and Floodlight combo has to be tuned for it’s individual location. That is why there are so many settings variables.

I want to know how I should set my camera and floodlight configurations to best achieve the following response and minimize the minutia and/or all other alerts…
I want to monitor the perimeter of my house for unwanted visitors (person, pet, vehicle) and if one was spotted, I want to be alerted and if it is dark, I want the lights to go on for a period of 10 - 20 minutes.

I can’t help with floodlight settings, but I can share my setup as I feel my needs are similar to the OP’s. I have 100 watt LEDs in my exterior fixtures outside my garage. They are bright enough for my needs and use little watts. My dog needs a potty break before bedtime and in the morning. That is my on and off reminder. My v3 cameras record bunnies, cats and of course people. I feel having the bright lights on all night long is a deterrent against people coming on to my property at night.

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Does the camera have cam plus? If so you don’t need to set up rules to be notified. In the event recording turn on those tags that you want to be alerted of . You’ll get a notification whenever the camera detects person, pet , vehicles.

The floodlight has a timer , the longest it can be on is 15 minutes. If you use only pir sensor detection then if the pir sensor doesn’t detect any motion per the settings it set to it’ll turn off by 15 minutes. If you use camera detection to trigger on the floodlight , the floodlights won’t turn off until the camera doesn’t detect any motion so depending on how high the camera motion detection sensitivity is will depend on when the floodlight will turn off.

My floodlight is set to turn on by camera detection and a lot of the time when it’s raining the floodlights will stay for a long time until the camera isn’t getting triggered by any motion

For the floodlight, try what best works for your floodlight in that area. If you want it to only turn on when people or pets are on the patio then I’d suggest using the pir sensor detection . The pir sensor will turn on when it detects heat by a person or animal.

By using the pir sensor only , I noticed a bit of a delay to turn trigger on the floodlights tbh.

Try and see if using camera detection to turn on the floodlight would help better , I use camera detection and it triggers on my floodlights so much quicker than when I only used pir sensor detection

Be aware though that if you use camera detection to turn on the floodlight that ; rain, small animals , light changes ,snow, wind , etc will probably trigger on the floodlight . So try and start off with low sensitivity of the camera and raise it up and see what best works for you

I do have Cam Plus, but do not use rules for anything but floodlights. It sounds like you are recommending to not use rules though and play around with the sensitivity sensors, correct?

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