Link multiple Wyze floodlight

Is possible to link multiple Wyze floodlights to turn on all floodlights when motion is detected?
I would like to buy 4 of these floodlights and install them on four sides of my house, let’s say when the front of house motion is detected and the light turns on I want to link so the other 3 lights turn on too and turn off after a set number of minutes, is this possible?

To some degree this is possible. Here are your best options to do this:

Set up a rule…

Choose a Trigger for when these will turn on. There isn’t a rule for when a floodlight turns on or off, but you can choose to have the trigger be when the floodlight camera detects motion, or any of these other triggers:

Then you can choose the action as turning on one of the other floodlights too. Just go to that camera and select the action to turn on its’ floodlight:

The problem may be in getting the other floodlights to turn back off again. I think if they are set up with a timer that the timer will still turn them off automatically. So if you set the floodlight timer for 10 minutes, I think it still turns off in 10 minutes no matter which way it was triggered. The only reason I have doubts of this is because it doesn’t work that way with the lamp socket. If a lamp socket is turned on by a rule, then the timer won’t ever turn it back off, but I think the Floodlight does because when I last manually turned on my floodlight, the timer still shut it back off. Someone would have to test it to be absolutely sure though.


Testing right now.


Yea! It does turn off when the timer is off. Now for the lamp socket… I wish it did

Thanks buddy! I was thinking that was the case, but I am glad you tested to make sure. :+1:

Hopefully they can fix the lamp socket. I think it used to work that way. Not sure why it changed.



Thank you for the reply, the screen grab shows only one floodlight, in my example will it turn on all 4 floodlights? I don’t want to purchase and return if it doesn’t.

You just add an action for all the floodlights. You will also need a rule for each floodlight as a trigger

Any movement on this? Still tedious. I have 5 floodlights and 2 lamp sockets. I also only want lights to turn on when the camera detects a person or animal. Because I can’t set a trigger for this OR that, that’s 10 rules I have to set up.