Floodlight to be triggered by the added second camera!

Add in a feature in the floodlight so that the secondary camera can turn on the lights instead of it only being the hardwired camera.

When setting up the floodlight, the primary camera is used to control the floodlight as it is attached as an accessory. The secondary camera only uses the power from the floodlight so that you can mount it for better coverage. Since the floodlight is not an accessory on the secondary camera, there is currently no way to directly trigger the floodlight from the second camera.

To provide the flexibility and allow the floodlight to be triggered, Wyze has enhanced the rules engine to allow the floodlight to be triggered by any of your devices. This can only be done by setting up a rule.

Here is a Tip and Trick on how to set up a rule to turn on the floodlight for 15 minutes when another camera senses a person:


This is probably the fix, as the two cameras cannot both physically control the floodlight. :slight_smile:


Two cameras can if you set a Rule for a device trigger. you have to have camera A trigger the camera that has the flood light and then select the flood light to turn on or turn on for (x) minutes.

Yes, that is what I quoted. :slight_smile:

Just provided an update to my post and added a tip and trick on how to do it.

The nice thing is that it can be triggered by other Wyze Devices and not just another camera


Does anyone have the response time for the V3 Pro camera vs. the floodlight person detection rule trigger?

Right now I setup a rule to turn on the floodlight siren if a person is detected (when no one is supposed to be there), and in my test it took almost 30 seconds for the siren (and flashing lights) to get triggered.

Since V3 Pro camera has local AI and siren, would it respond faster than the floodlight? If so, would using a V3 Pro camera as trigger for the floodlight make it respond faster? I would like a faster response time, but can’t imagine the V3 Pro camera spotlight being that effective as a deterrent.