Floodlight questions

  1. Is the only purpose of the PIR sensor to control whether the floodlights come on or not? Or does it have any control over the camera? If the PIR sensor is triggered can/will it cause the camera(s) to start recording?

  2. Is the only purpose of the 2nd camera attached to the floodlight is to get power for it? Or is there any other smart communication between the 2nd camera and the floodlights and/or main camera?

UPDATE: As I think more about this, I’m thinking the answer to point #2 is that the USB for the 2nd camera is to give it power and that’s it. Any motion detected by cam 2 would record on that device, but it wouldn’t have any impact on the cam in the first port. nor would it have any impact on the floodlight itself. If my assumption is correct, wouldn’t it be possible to create some automation to say: If motion is detected by the 2nd cam, turn the floodlights on for 5 minutes?

I don’t have an answer to #cam-v1-v2
In regard to #2 you are correct, I was just able to set up a routine to turn on the spotlight, but was not able to indicate for how long. I’m thinking it’s just going to stay on?

You can set the pir sensor to turn on both the floodlights and also the camera .

Yes , you can set the v3 to record an event when motion is detected by the pir sensor

The purpose of the second camera is for more coverage , the 2nd camera is not directly linked to the floodlight so the v3 will not recognize the floodlight accessory . The v3 that comes mounted to the accessory recognizes the floodlight , but you can set up rules so that if your 2nd camera detects motion it can trigger the floodlights on



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So you can in fact trigger the floodlight with motion on a different camera. But cannot turn the floodlight off with a timer if on for 5 minutes.

From the secondary camera there is no “if clear” rule or timer setting. and the flood light will not follow the timer like it does on the primary camera attached because the secondary camera trigged the light.

But….if the floodlight turning on is detected as motion by the primary camera attached to the floodlight and you have the motion detect set to turn on the floodlight it should follow the timer setting

Below is how you will trigger the floodlight on

Give it a try.

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Hope that helps @NickyName

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Thanks for this. Do I understand correctly that I can get the floodlight turned on from a secondary camera, but there is no command or way to turn it off?

Are you saying that if the floodlight was turned on by the secondary camera and then was effectively “turned on again” by the primary camera attached to the floodlight, that the timer setting would turn the floodlight off? And that would be the only way to get the floodlight turned off?

If there is no automation via the app to turn the floodlight off, what about other automation like IFTTT? Are you familiar with that? I believe it has Wyze integration that can detect if a motion sensor becomes clear. So if there is an action to turn the floodlight off then could getting the floodlight turned off via IFTTT work?

I don’t actually have one of these yet. Strongly contemplating buying several but want to make sure they can do what I want them to do. So I can’t try this out.

Correct. From the camera stand point. The Camera only detects motion and there is no schedule rule for teh floodlight that states IF on THEN then OFF after X time. Only the timer on the primary camera settings…

Now if you have the Home Monitoring System or was able to purchase the Wyze Sense hub separate from Home Monitoring you can Trigger the floodlight On and Off with the Wyze Motion Sensors, but they are not outdoor rated. (A little ingenuity can make these devices long standing outdoors though)

I am not familiar in detail with IFTTT for this action, I am sorry. Not sure if any of our other community members who are strong in IFTTT or I would tag them (I use Alexa in conjunction with Wyze Rules and there is nothing dedicated to Alexa and the Floodlight at this time either)

Gotcha, no worries. We can help with as much information as you need. Buy or not :wink:

I’m still trying to understand the relationship & capabilities of the 2nd camera.

Are you saying that a) if the pir on the floodlight and/or the primary camera detects motion that BOTH cameras will record video, or b) will the 2nd camera only record if it detects motion?

I had been wondering if there is a difference between the 2nd camera getting its power from the USB on the primary vs plugging it into its own power source via the adapter.

If there is tighter integration as described in (a) then I would think I’d need to use the USB connection. But if the 2nd camera is quite independent, as described in (b) then I would think there would be no difference between the 2nd camera getting its power from the USB or the adapter.

And if there is value in connecting the 2nd camera via USB, I understand the cable is relatively short. Can one use an extension to have the 2nd camera further away (and if so, how long can the extension be)?

The 2nd camera is mostly for more coverage

Yes , so you can have the v3 that came mounted to the floodlight to record an event when theirs motion OR when the pir sensor detects motion . Again , it depends where the 2nd camera is but since that one doesn’t have the floodlight accessory it will only record an event when theirs motion or sound or however you want it to record events. Here are the settings for the v3 that’s mounted to the floodlight

Their is no difference , it’s a back USB port to power up another v3 for more coverage

I’m pretty sure yea . I just used the regular usb cable that came with my v3 but yea if you have a longer cable you need than I’m sure it will be able to work as long as it’s usb ofc

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The usb port for the second cam is strictly power. Use it or don’t, it’s just so you don’t have to run power up if you want another cam. I have a 3D printed mount that goes in place of the included cam to allow for 180 degree view, but it’s a seperate cam in the app, and has no connection to the floodlight. It’s just like plugging it into the wall.

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That’s interesting. So you effectively have side by side cameras pointing in slightly different directions to give you a wider FOV? I have a 3D printer myself. Is the mount something you designed or found on a repository? I’d be interested in taking a look at it, if you have a link to the design.

There ya go! The FOV is slightly overlapping, so you get very good coverage.

I designed it.

Very nice. This got me looking at 3D printed spacers/mounts for the doorbell I’ve ordered. I think I’ll need something. Thanks for that idea. I’ve had my 3D printer since Christmas and I don’t always think “hey I can print something to solve that need” :slight_smile: .

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