Trail Cam heat signature alert behavior addition for indoor/outdoor cams

Outdoor trail cams are probably the best on the market for what we are looking for in both an outdoor and indoor cams. Trail cam can identify squirrels, or larger animals and ignore everything else using heat signatures not pixel changes. There is in fact a check box option for types of wildlife as a sensitivity setting. The new trail cams can also upload in the same way wyze does with notifications sent to your phone however I think wyze is the better potential product for this application for our needs.

For instance some people may want to see if the neighbors dog has indeed been in their yard. Or if squirrels have been raiding their veg patches. Or if there are people crossing your property’s perimeter. What we are all having problems with is lights or shadows triggering annoying false alerts due to pixel changes.

I am confidant if heat signatures are used in addition to adjustable identification of objects and detection zones that it would vastly improve the product line. :slightly_smiling_face:

The outdoor camera being developed is triggered by passive infrared PIR sensor (heat sensing) rather than pixels. You can read about that here:

The newly release Wyze Sense motion sensors also use PIR. They can be paired with an indoor camera to trigger a cloud clip when they sense motion. Turn off the camera’s pixel based motion sensing and you have exactly what you are describing.

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