Which Camera (if any)

I want to record upon movement outdoors where there is no wifi. I want to record animal behavior near a feeding station. There is no source of power or wifi nearby. It would need to record upon movement, and may need to record day or night.

Which would fit my needs? Will it work with cloud on its own or will it need wifi nearby? Can it just record on an SD card, which I could collect and review? Can I review on a cell once I am nearby?

Which camera might get many or all of the following? Would I need additional services?

  1. Outdoor?
  2. Rechargeable/batt op/solar?
  3. Upload without wifi?
  4. Save on SD
  5. Motion Sensor
  6. Day and night recording?
  7. Transfer data to cell when near?
  8. Continuous recording until movement stops?
    9)Date/time stamp?
  9. Vid quality.
  10. Easy to camouflage/can be secured?
  11. Time on a charge/set of batteries.
  12. Notify me when movement?
  13. Bluetooth to phone?
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You need a game camera, not Wyze. I have one I was using to find our lost cat. You can find them on Amazon and other sites. Here is the one I bought:


Cost comparison: Wyze Cam Outdoor: $59.98
Trail Cam: $86.99 (there are of course other cameras which may cost less)

My game is two-footed. I’d rather not spend that kind of money. Which Wyze product is closest and what features will I be lacking? Thanks.

The only thing that meets any of your requirements is the outdoor camera but it fails to meet several keys: needs wifi to operate at some point, no bluetooth, will not transfer directly to cell without wifi, won’t notify without wifi.

You should review the specs to see if it meets your needs. Be aware that for recording you can get 12 second videos stored to the cloud or longer videos with CamPlus subscription (with wifi).

By the way, suggested the trail/game cam because it meets nearly everyone of your requirements, except the notifications. Some more expensive trail cams have a cellular option and plan that would also do that.

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