Wireless Camera used as a trail cam

The ability to mount a wireless camera away from the home network and record motion on the SD card. Then be able to remove the camera and bring back to the home network and be able to playback any motion events.

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Ahh, yes, what was described sounds exactly like a trail cam. Wouldn’t it be an immediate solution to simply purchase a trail cam?

Most trail cams are too large for the application I have in mind

The Wyze Outdoor will do this won’t it?
It basically becomes a motion sensing action cam that runs on batteries.

I don’t believe so. Each time I tried, when I brought it back to the home network I could not see any clips on my mobile app. SD card also did not show any clips

Just put the camera in travel mode, set it up for Scheduled event recording to the SD card in the camera, MOTION ONLY. Set it for 30 days, no cooldown, max video length of 5 minutes. The battery powered cams work best when motion is across the PIR field of view not straight at it or straight away from it. Distance is another issue, people can be detected at about 25 feet or less. Camera placement is critical when you are trying to record since the cam needs to wake up prior to recording so a small field of view won’t work well.

Ok, I’ll check it out.