Outdoor camera application and capability

This outdoor wyze camera looks very cool and exactly what I am looking for. I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does it come in other colours other than white?
  2. Can I set it up in the forest where it will have no access to any connectivity and record to a micro SD card.
  3. I want it to activate with PIR motion detection and record 30-60 second videos to a microSD card with cool down periods lasting 1 to 3 minutes before motion detection could trigger the camera again.
  4. I want it to connect to my iphone app when I am next to it in the forest so I can see the camera’s view point perspective during setup and possibly download any video to the phone from the microSD card.
  5. If the camera recorded 10-20 of these videos/day and operated in a temperature range of 10-40 degrees F, how long would the battery approximately last.
  1. not yet, however maybe later
  2. yes, listed as “travel mode”
  3. 12 sec is current limit w/ 1,3,5 cool down options
  4. I haven’t seen anywhere that lists this as an option(I would be surprised if it could as the wireless tech built into the cam is to connect with the base station and not normal wifi), I will just put the SD card in my Android and view from there
  5. 2x-2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries last from 3-6 months based on normal usage. *Normal usage is 10-20 event videos per day. Battery-life varies based on settings, temperature, and usage.

To all the hunters and technology enthusiasts!!!

Who thinks the new wyze outdoor camera could replace traditional game cameras for hunters if it was placed in the woods not near any buildings or electrical sources?

Personally i would buy a purpose built game camera, this is not meant for that and as such would most likely not provide an equal experience. However, if you find yourself in need of one quickly…this would most likely work as a substitute until a better option is attained.

I may very well be wrong about number 4 - according the the article from the Verge it will be able to create a WiFi hotspot to connect to your phone…however they also list continuous recording to the SD card as an option and according to Wyze product page it is not… so who knows

We need some first-hand experience. :smile:

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Do you have specs listed somewhere? Your video 2 or 3 times said ‘Arizona’ and I’m in Phoenix. What kind of outdoor temps can it tolerate? Most cameras from other manufacturers don’t have that high an operating limit. Is there a temp at which the warranty becomes void? (btw, I’ve been running 2 V2 cams outdoors for the past year including temps of 115+…they have performed flawlessly).

Here are the listed temp specs:
Operating temperature

Operating: -4℉ - 120℉

IP Rating


Full spec list:

Not sure there is a set limit to void the warranty…or how they would prove it, if i had to guess i would say the listed temps in the specs would be what they insure too. However in the live AMA they had pictures of one frozen in a block of ice, that still worked, and one of their team members said he put one through the dish washer, which operates at a very high temp.

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u can do scheduled recording (continous), each schedule lasts no more than 10 hours

AH! There it is! Operating: -4℉ - 120℉ WE get to 120 maybe 1 days every 5-7 years so, I think that answers that one!! WOO HOO!! Thank you!

Good, is great!!!