Too Many Package Detection Notifications

Hello everyone! Question, am I supposed to be getting package notifications ever few minutes until I move the package or silence the app? I think one notification is enough. Any way I can stop the constant notifications? Thanks!!!


New event triggers are being caused by the light/shadows constantly being detected as motion, and when that happens the AI analyzes the entire video to check and see if there is a package. It still detects the package so it sends that alert.

There are a few options currently. You can block out the areas that are creating events so often…the areas with shadows and plants that move in the wind especially. You can play around with reducing the detection sensitivity too.

Your request is a good one. I would consider adding your voice to the wishlist. I found the following similar request:

I would recommend voting for and adding a comment about how it would be helpful in your situation, such as allowing an option to set a package detection cooldown timer where you can select how often it can notify you of a package (once every X minutes/hours).


Temporary workaround: replace the package detection with person detection. The deliverypeople don’t tend to stick around very long. :slight_smile:

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There should not be any workaround needed here, Other devices don’t give repeated package notifications for the same package sitting on the doorstep. I have this same problem & I guarantee you nothing else about the scene is changing. Never had this happen with google.

This alert clearly just needs some tuning & comparing to previous package alerts to see if the images are similar. Seems like an easy bugfix to me.

There is an existing wishlist item for AI tags for recognized objects in motion only. Visit to show support and vote!

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I had the same issue yesterday during the heavy winds and rain. My V3 was set for person, package, pet. I got about 100 videos of my flower pots (Packages) on the walkway. I turned package off and no more issues. :upside_down_face:

If Google worked, then why did you switch?

Hardware died :rofl: