Limit package-detection notifications

Please limit the Package notifications to one or maybe one per hour. Apparently, the AI is not smart enough to know that it has already told me about a package, and it notifies me a few times every minute until I get the package (which I can’t do if I’m not home, so I get hundreds of Package notifications).

Side note: my phone was so swamped with “You have a package” notifications that I missed the single “The garage door is still open” notification. That is why this request is so important:

Customizable notifications (Incl: Android Notification Channels) - Wishlist - Wyze Forum (

Something in view of the camera is triggering a motion event. The Wyze AI sees a package, vehicle, person and tags the event as such. You need to determine what’s triggering the recording in the first place and adjust the detection zone accordingly.


Sadly, that will not help. I do not want to detect only packages, so waving tree branches, passing vehicles, or people walking by should not trigger a duplicate package-detected notification. Second, there were not three cars/people/branches that occurred within 60 seconds. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but something triggered the motion detection. The labels of package, vehicle, etc. get added by the AI after the motion event has started and is being recorded. And, again, the AI labels anything in the frame, not want was detected as movement.

If you can, post an image from or the video from the camera so we can maybe determine what is triggering the camera.

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Yes, something triggered it. You can see the thumbnails in the screenshots I posted. Most of them seem to be triggered by the tree branches in the upper-right. (Interestingly, unless there’s a package, I do not get multiple videos per minute of moving tree branches.)

Regardless, I think the correct solution is to eliminate multiple duplicate notifications instead of making the user try to reduce spurious triggers, such as lighting changes or waving branches. Even if I can eliminate those, there will be vehicles and people causing triggers and duplicate package notifications.

You have your motion only videos filtered out within your Events tab:

If you click the motion button at the top of the events page allowing those videos to be shown, you will find that you do indeed get multiple videos per minute of moving tree branches, just without the AI tags.

The difference is that you have Notifications for your motion only videos turned off, so you are never informed of them, yet they do still record and save to the cloud.

It is only when the cloud servers tag an AI object within one of these thousands of motion activated videos do you get notified because you have the AI notifications on and you see it in the Events tab because that is how you have your filters set.

The AI algorythims are FAR from accurate. It is not at all unusual to get a high rate of tagged events that are just plain wrong. There may not have been three of the AI objects that it tagged, but there were 3 motion events within that timeframe that resulted in 3 different Event Videos, albeit tagged incorrectly.

You aren’t receiving multiple duplicate notifications, you are receiving consecutive new event notifications tagging the same object in the cam field. Because of the short duration of the motion, it just looks like they happened at the same time because the thumbnails only show the minute it occurred, not the minute and the second. If you check the timestamp on the videos, I am confident you will find that the three videos you reverenced did not run concurrent but consecutive.

As @WildBill mentioned, ANY movement within the detection zone, even the slightest color change, can trigger a motion event depending on the sensitivity setting you have set.

Because of the way Wyze’s motion detection algorythims use the relative changes in light levels between adjacent pixels, which is a limitation of the effectiveness of the cams, the only two settings you have to reduce events and their corresponding notifications, short of repositioning the cam, is the detection zone and the sensitivity.

One other shortcoming of the cams is the AI ignoring the detection zones altogether once a motion event has been initiated.

I have this same issue with a cam and my doormat. There are some days when the wind is strong that my doormat hits me with package notifications all day. The doormat isn’t moving around, but sunbeams dancing on the pavement are. If you search thru the forums for ‘Vehicle Notifications’, you will see the same problem… Hundreds of repeat notifications for the same parked vehicle. It is the same concept. The motion sensing and the AI algorithms have no memory function whatsoever.

This very request is already on the #wishlist from well over 2 years ago and is also discussed in another topic:


That was only to find those events more easily. (BTW, even with filters, it takes forever to scroll to events at a specific time.) When I remove the Package filter, there is no change in the list of events (although there is one event video where the AI does not tag Package). Before the package arrives, there are no motion-only videos. After the package is removed, there are some motion videos, but they don’t seem to occur as frequently.

Can Wyze explain to me why Cam+ records these motion-only videos when the Notifications > Detects Any Other Motion option is disabled? It seems to me that there should not be any motion-only events in the list with that option disabled.

Regardless, I get it. “It’s not a bug; it’s a feature.” If I want to see important notifications, such as the garage-door controller telling me my garage door has been open for two hours, or I have a package, or my back door has been left open for 30 minutes, I have to disable all camera notifications and recordings except those. Unfortunately, those features alone are too minimal to support the capital cost of the cameras and ongoing expense of Cam+ and Cam+ Lite.

It seems to me Wyze should take this as an indication users need this fix. For example, I bought a garage-door controller expressly to tell me when I forget to close my garage door. It’s had the opportunity to tell me this twice in the couple of months since I installed it. Unfortunately, because of this bug, both times it has failed to notify me. (Yes, it probably put up the notification, but if I cannot see the notification, it has failed to notify me.)

Curious… What version of Cam is that. It is interesting that the UI has the person event notification toggle on there twice. Have not seen that.

Also, be thankful you have the ability on that cam to change notification toggles for individual AI events. I can only do that on my CamPan. V3 won’t do that. Notifications are for “all AI” or “no AI”. The only way to turn of Person notifications is to turn of Person Smart AI recording. :frowning:

Agreed. There is a wishlist topic asking for a better way to navigate rather than endless scrolling.

Because that setting is only for notifications AFTER event videos have already been recorded. Notification settings have nothing to do with what is recorded, only what is push notified.

The cam settings for recording motion video events is in → Event Recording. However, disabling → Detects Motion there would also stop any video being recorded for your Smart AI. The cam has to be motion activated and recording in order for a video to be sent for AI interrogation. You can’t have Smart AI video without Motion Only video.

I agree that there are some notifications that are more important than others. And, with the number of notifications received from Wyze, it can be difficult. I use MacroDroid exclusively to manage my notifications from Wyze. It is able to keep pinging important notifications, give you a persistant notification, dismiss notifications, or give you custom sounds for different AI or Different cams. It helps me prioritize all the notifications coming in.

For your garage door, it would be beneficial because once MacroDroid sees that notification, it can hold it there, play tones and tunes, send you an SMS, vibrate your phone… Just about anything you want to get your undivided attention.

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PanCam v1.

Yes, but then we get event videos uploaded and saved to the cloud every time a tree branch moves … even though we only want to record AI events. Events and notifications should be related (or AI events should override the Record an event when camera … Detects Motion setting). It’s incredibly wasteful (mostly for Wyze, but also for customers’ time) to save as much as three to five videos every minute because it’s windy, even though the customer is paying for Cam+ and only cares about events with a person in them. Yes, you might receive only one notification (when AI sees a person), but you go back to your list of events, and there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of event videos to wade through. In the last 24 hours, that single PanCam has uploaded 700M and is the single largest uploader on my network–behind only my development rig.

MacroDroid sounds interesting, but good grief, how many apps do I need to install to work around Wyze bugs…

Interesting… My WCPv1 w\ CP notifications settings is different. It has Person events notifications only once (I have sound off) and doesn’t have Face Events. What is your FW version? (Might also be your beta… I don’t beta)

Unfortunately, the recording comes first, the AI tagging comes second. Without the recording of the motion event video to the cloud, there is no Smart AI tagging. You can’t have Smart AI tagged events without recording all motion events. That is why they let you set notifications independently, so you are only notified of the AI you want.

Yes, it is wasteful. Which is why Wyze tried to cut this back with the introduction of CPL to keep video length down to 12s for CPL subscribers and thumbnail images for non-subscribers. As for user’s time, that is why there are filters in the events tab… So you don’t have to see the useless motion only events and wade through them.

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Firmware (the latest and not beta)
Latest Android app, too.

It’s fine for the camera to record an event–as you say, it has to so the AI can do its thing–but if it does not find an event that I care about, the camera should silently discard the recording instead of uploading and saving it to my list. Remember, the AI work is all done onboard the camera–before it’s uploaded.

Saying that users should use filters to wade through the cruft is just passing the buck from developers to the users. I’ve been developing software for over 35 years, and that’s a real issue in the field: too many developers want to pass the work off to the users. Remember that if a developer can spend ten hours to solve a problem that saves a user ten seconds, that savings is multiplied across the user base and ends up saving hundreds or thousands of hours over the product’s lifetime. You have only to look at the focus of Microsoft Visual Studio’s developers to see how true and powerful this is.

That’s not correct. ALL AI work is done on the Wyze servers.


I guess I missed the memo. Back in the early days of AI detection, Wyze made a big deal out of saying they fit the entire AI model on the camera so that the work was done locally and not on their servers.

Regardless, even though it will not solve the upload bandwidth, it is certainly possible for the servers to discard the video if it does not contain one of the specified AI events. There is no reason they have to save every event video.

Several years ago Apple bought the company that provided that technology and Wyze lost the right to use it. The upload bandwith is a minimal problem. More of an issue is the processing power needed by the Wyze servers hosted on Amazon Web Services. There is a substantial cost to process the videos which is why they have the subscription cost for CamPlus.


Update: Hilariously, that camera has now stopped doing any AI recognition. All I have now is a ton of “motion” events.