Tip on getting Wyze Sense to work like v1 did

The v2 sense sensor lacks one capability that the v1 sensor handled well…and that is the ability to detect motion at all levels in a room. If you are finding this to be the case in your setup as well, mount the sensor so that it is angled down approximately 45 degrees. This will allow cover of more motion that is taking place if let’s say you are sitting down in a chair and you have it programmed to turn off the lights if it does detect motion and you are close clearly moving around in the chair. The way the sensors are currently designed it doesn’t have the same dome of view that the v1 sensors had. To mount I used 3m mounting tape cut into half straps and it works like a charm.


I might have to try this. I have had this exact problem… Sensor scheduled to turn off lights after no motion, but the sensor not picking me up in my chair unless the sensor is within a few feet of me… That is really frustrating. I finally just put the sensor on my desk to watch my right arm moving with the mouse. I wished it worked farther away and I tried a few things but it seemed like it needed really dramatic movements if it was more than a few feet away.