Wyze Sense Motion Sensor Field of View

I was wondering if anyone had a diagram that showed the Wyze Sense Motion Sensors field of view not just horizontally but also vertically. From what I’ve read online I couldn’t find any words that said what the vertical field of view was.

What I found online was this:
“ The sensor detects objects at distances up to 26 feet and a horizontal detection angle of 120°. The range can vary based on where you place it and the orientation. The sensor is designed to detect at a slight downward angle. In most cases, it’s best to have the Wyze logo facing upright when placing the sensor and mounting the sensor at approximately 6 feet high. ” (source link below)

While that information is handy. It does not specifically say at what angle vertically the sensor detects. Having this formation would make it a lot easier to figure out where I need to place my motion sensors to maximize their field of view or to customize their field of view so that it doesn’t see things I don’t want it to.

Knowing what the vertical angle is for the motion sensor would allow me to, for example, place the sensor lower to the ground so that it doesn’t detect motion while I’m in bed. But with enough angle so that if I’m standing in front of my dresser across the room it detects motion from my upper body. (I mention this because I’ve had it turn the lights off even though I was standing 6 feet in front of the motion sensor. My legs weren’t moving but my arms and upper body were.)

Simply having a more accurate diagram of its entire field of view Both vertically and horizontally would make it easier for placement and eliminate the guessing game of where it can and cannot see. If anyone has a diagram or at least a written description of the vertical angles please respond.


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I don’t think precisely what angles the detector can see you is an exact science. I think the best way to test whether the detector can see you is by trial and error. Then, adjust the sensor until it does, or it doesn’t.

The best way to handle the lights going off early is probably to set the bulb to stay on xx minutes after motion stops. Would 10 do it?

I wanted to set it for x minutes of no motion detected. However my lights are through multiple sources. IFTTT doesn’t have a wait feature that I could find. And the motion sensors dont work with Alexa yet. Either way a diagram doesn’t have to be perfectly exact. An estimate is also helpful.

My own testing when I had a little time today of its detection area seems to be that it can see around 40° give out take a couple degrees vertically. So if you had it perfectly level with the Wyze words upright. It would see straight out and nearly quarter sphere downwards. But I’ve only roughly tested it. It could be less than that.

You can use IFTTT webhooks to cause a 10 min delay to shut off your lights.

I used the instructions in this post to do something similar.

You are so right about the instructions not making it clear about the angle of detection. To assume that the average user will not want to catch motion below human eye level is ludicrous. After reading a post about the lack of scan below the sensor, I tried to mount it upside down and it didn’t work. So I mounted it right side up near the floor since I wanted to catch all motion. It works just like I needed it to.