Motion Sensor v2 FOV

Is the field of view of the motion sensor v2 published anywhere? I can’t find it.

It’s in the specs section:

But that is mostly side-to-side. I would like to know what it is top to bottom. I don’t believe it 120 degrees that direction, which helps to ensure the monitoring stays above the floor (not capture pets, but still captures humans). At least that’s how it was on the V1 motion sensor,it stayed pretty much flat on the bottom, and wouldn’t capture anything downward, but it would upward. I believe this one is the same way, but I don’t know the exact angles.

It would be interesting to test out. I tested the exact range on the V1 from all sides so I could figure out how to best use it. Might have to do that with this new one too. I just haven’t had time to play yet. :slight_smile:

Some more info…

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Very cool. So left/right is 120 degrees and up down is the same on one side, but blocked to be fairly level/straight on the other end (top by default unless you flip it upside-down), and out to about 25 feet…though in my experience it was really only accurate out to about 8 feet.

I set mine up in my office on maximum sensitivity, and it wouldn’t trigger until I was about 8 feet from right in front of it (almost halfway in the room), but wouldn’t notice anything as far out as the office door (13 feed away), so I am not sure I believe the 25 feet range, though I haven’t tested in other environments. It is possible that all the signal interference from my Echo Show, Google Hub, laptop, phones, etc, interfered with the wave detection or something. Still, 8 feet was sufficient in that instance. I might have to run some tests in other places.

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Thanks to @Omgitstony and @carverofchoice – clearly my google-fu was off today.


I have the same experience: even with the sensitivity set to High I have to get to within about 8’ of the sensor before motion is detected. This is an entirely inadequate range! An intruder could walk around in the far end of my living room and not set it off. I really shouldn’t need to have multiple motions sensors in every room!

The V1 sensors had a much longer range - I could set them off 25’ away or more. I’m going to open a wishlist item on this, but unfortunately I suspect it’s a hardware issue and not something that can be fixed with a firmware update. :frowning: Bad design!

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Thanks for sharing. It is good to hear some confirmation from someone else that the range does not reach as far as expected. I would be okay with the range reaching 8 feet when set at the Low or Mid sensitivity, but 8 feet is a little short for the High Sensitivity setting.

I am glad you are submitting something. Maybe we should also submit tickets about it. There is a chance that the app isn’t actually updating the sensitivity correctly and it is a firmware or software bug, and that it leaves the sensitivity at low or mid even when you try to make a change.

Okay, I just tested this out, and I am finding that when I change the sensitivity to HIGH it tells me the change will happen sometime in the next 2 hours! WHAT?!? 2 Hours?!?! But I DEFINITELY set it to High the day I got it, and now it’s set back to Mid when I checked back just now, days later. So I updated it again, then went back and it stays set at “Mid” sensitivity. (Hmm, I will have to see what happens in 2 hours from now again)

So now I am pretty sure that the Sensor sensitivity is stuck and not updating (at least it didn’t update when I set it the first time). I think that makes it a firmware issue, not hardware. We are just never getting the High Sensitivity.

@spamoni and anyone else with one of these…if your HMS system is up and running, are you willing to try attempting changing sensitivity on your motion sensor and see if you are running into similar issues? (that it never actually changes the sensitivity setting, and if it does, the best you get is around 8 feet, nowhere near 25 feet? Maybe we can get some good info to get Wyze to look into resolving this, because I think it’s just a bug where the sensitivity setting isn’t actually updating.

UPDATE: My latest sensitivity change worked correctly! 25 feet exactly!

I tested everything with a measuring tape across a very large room. It can sense EXACTLY 25 feet now, like basically exactly to the inch!

The only difference I can think up between when I set it last time and this time is that when I set the sensitivity the first time, I had not yet activated the HMS. When I set the sensitivity this time, I had the HMS activated. I hope that’s not what made the difference in allowing the sensitivity to stick, or why it changed back or whatever, but it’s the only thing I can think of. It definitely worked this time and now it is sensing up to 25 feet away. That was direct line of sight though. I haven’t tested distance on the left, right or downward angles or anything. I am happy that it is fixed now though.

@carverofchoice , unfortunately I have not received my HMS yet. However, I am tagging @R.Good as he has his already. Maybe he can do the test for you.

@R.Good , you think you can test the following as Carverofchoice is asking?

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When you say ”activated”, do you mean not in test mode?

I have changed my sensitivity, and will break out the tape measure to get some data after the 2 hours has passed.

Well, getting ready to test these has me rethinking where I placed them… I basically mimicked where my old VIVINT sensors were and they are not optimal in location.

My main hall sensor is 97 inches high and at a 45 degree angle on a bulk head and semi looking towards the front door where the front door is 42 ft away from the sensor. (Hence my questioning of placement) but I tested with a single device the “Main Hall” sensor

Tests were monitored on a Samsung Note10+ Wyze App v2.20.3 and iPhone 12 Max Wyze App v2.19.24
Sensor FW with sensitivity set to HIGH (as a side note) both devices showed notification at the same exact time in all tests on a 5G(iPhone) 4G LTE (Samsung) cellular connection w/ Verizon.

The HMS is in Test mode at this time.

My testing so far has only been from front door to the sensor (see map below), essentially from the left to center, not the right to center or flip flop that if the direction in which way the sensor is looking versus my location.

Test 1 - Motion detected at 27.5 Feet Walking out of my office Door and I stopped
Test 2 - Motion detected at 23.5 Feet, stopping at the 25ft mark then moving forward one foot at at time the stepping left to right on the same plane
Test 3 - Walked through the hall at normal speed… got notified 2 seconds after passing the sensor, so roughly started 30 ft in front of the sensor, notified maybe 3 ft past the sensor (or 2 steps past).
Test 4 - Motion detected at 20 Feet, stopping at the 25ft mark then moving forward one foot at at time then stepping left to right on the same plane until notification
Test 5 - Motion detected at 22 Feet, stopping at the 25ft mark then moving forward one foot at at time then stepping left to right on the same plane.

So from my testing (so far) the sweet spot (or average) seems to be around 23.5 feet… BUT as I started with. I need to rethink my placement as I quickly realized this device is not in an optimal place. Actually I am just going to add an additional sensor near the front door. With the overall approach of Entry points (Doors, Windows, Chimney (gonna catch Santa eventually)) to Sensor field of view and coverage.

Orange - Starting point
Red Dot - WYZE V2 Sensor
Green Dots - 25ft Marks
Yellow Line - Field of View


I agree that the sensitivity setting is definitely buggy: I had set mine to High a couple of days ago, but on checking last night it was still on Mid for two of my three sensors. I set it to high again, and this morning it was still on Mid. Just set it to High yet again, will see what happens. I’ll be curious to see if I get greater than 8’ range when (or if) the sensitivity change eventually takes effect.

The warning message that sensitivity changes may take up to 2 hours to take effect has me puzzled. All I can figure is that it’s controlled in the firmware, and that new firmware needs to be downloaded whenever the sensitivity’s changed Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

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That is really interesting. I think it would depend on if that setting is in the sensor (I assume it is) and then the communication protocol. We know they’re not using standard zwave or zigbee for the communications between the sensor and the hub. The old v1 sensors used zwave frequency, as I recall, but an alternative protocol for data. My hypothesis is that to save battery, the senors only opens up a TX/RX channel on a regular basis to poll the hub for changes. Maintaining active receiving of data likely consumes a lot of power. So, to save power, the sensors polls the hub every two hours asking for any changes, if yes then the hub sends them. If no, the sensor waits to ask again in 2 hours. This would explain the “up to 2 hours” comment in the app, as it might not know how far into the 2 hour sleep you are, but you’re never more than 2 hours away from wake-up.

Interesting layout and this has me thinking. Is it better to just put contact sensors on the doors and use motion sensors to cover the interior–rather than putting contact sensors on all the windows?

For sure. There are a multitude of approaches.

I suppose the thought process is; What is the balance of security coverage, economics, and aesthetics.

Here is what I am diving into now:

I also have cameras that capture motion too… Existing Map with all devices on Primary Floor (Have a Basement, Upstairs, and Exterior layout as well)

Yellow Lines - Assumed field of View
Green Dot - V2 Contact Sensors
Orange Dot - Pan Cam
Blue Dot - V2 Camera
Red Dot - V2 Motion Sensors
Purple Dot - V1 Motion Sensors
White Dot - V1 Contact Sensors


Awesome test @R.Good Thank you! I love the maps! And when I said “Activated” I just meant when I finally redeemed the HMS subscription redemption Code. I had my hardware activated for 2 weeks before I finally got the HMS redemption code, so I was thinking maybe it had something to do with me trying to change the settings back then before I redeemed the HMS code and officially had the subscription, and maybe that’s why it didn’t stay set to High, but others are indicating they also had troubles with the sensitivity changes, so I don’t think that’s the issue anymore. And no, I never have the system out of “test mode”…possibly never will. Who knows, maybe I’ll just use Noonlight when I go on vacations or something.

Do you have any pets, and do they set off the sensors depending on the sensitivity scale?

I think @holocron is probably right about why it takes up to 2 hours to update the sensitivity, though in theory this could be changed with a firmware update, I’m guessing they’re trying to make the battery last as long as absolutely possible. Still, wouldn’t it check for a new update every single time it senses motion? I’d think the 2 hour thing would only be if it doesn’t sense motion within that 2 hour period, otherwise, if it senses motion 5 minutes after the setting change, it should communicate with the hub when that happens, right? Or is that just a one-way communication (outgoing) and the incoming check is only once every 2 hours? I would’ve thought it would be a 2-way with every signal, but maybe not.

I have 1 cat… well my daughter does, and the cat only leaves my daughters room to follow her around or to have her 3AM rage session. And it’s usually upstairs out of the V2 motions sensors range. They have yet to pick up activity from her.

I do have V1 motion sensors set to turn on the lights in 2 rooms (paired with Non-WYZE Smart switches via Alexa) and the cat has set those off a coupe times if she does roam.

Not much testing with the V2 motion sensors as of yet.

I will most likely stay in test mode for awhile as well with your same thought process.

And my sensitivity settings on the V2 Motion Sensors (3 of them) have held since changing them this morning so 7 hours later or so?

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Nice detail, sounds promising.

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Just not ready to attach V1s to the new hub yet, don’t wanna lose my Alexa routines. Unless it is updated. Anyone know if that is updated?

Can’t tell you yet, but I don’t think the Wyze Skill has been updated yet. However, I have extra V1 Sensors, when I get my HMS in, I will attach one of those and see what happens.