Motion Sensor v2 FOV

V1’s work on Alexa with the Hub, just not V2 Contact sensors for some reason. I just tested to be sure. Set my V1 contact sensor for my office to an Alexa Routine that announces “it works” when opened, and then went and opened the sensor and Alexa announced “It works” on my Office Echo Show Display. So V1’s are working fine with Alexa routines while using the Hub, just not the V2 contact sensors.

Awesome, have you decommissioned the camera attachment hubs for your V1 sensors?

I was under the impression the V1s lost their Alexa capabilities if connected to the HMS hub.

That’s great news

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2 Bridges fully decommissioned and sitting in a drawer!

I eventually plan to convert one of them to be a Home Assistant device that can run my bricked sensors locally. If that test goes well, I might switch ALL V1 sensors to run Locally off the Home Assistant so everything works even without internet…

But one step at a time. For now, the Bridges are full decommissioned and the Hub is WAY BETTER. I use to need 2 Bridges to reach all areas of my house where I had sensors, now I moved them all to the hub and that signal reaches everywhere all by itself! It’s also more stable. And Switching the sensors to the Hub was so easy. I even renamed some of the sensors, and all the Rules still stayed with them because the rules are apparently linked to the MAC address, not the name, so switching over the Hub was really smooth, no need to reset up rules even when I changed the name of sensors. So cool!


Do you have to actually re-pair the V1 sensors with the new hub or can to you transition them in the app?

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This is great news @carverofchoice ! Once I get my HMS, I can then switch it to the the V2 Hub. I am testing and playing with Home Assistant as well and was hoping the V1’s would work through the V2 Hub as I also wanted to take the existing Bridge and attach it to the Home Assistant as I have extra sensors for testing purposes like this.

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I didn’t see any way to do it except to re-pair them, but it went so simple and smooth it was totally fine.

Basically I’d just act like I was setting up a NEW sensor. When The hub said “ready to connect” I push in the pin to pair the sensor to it and it almost immediately connected and asked me what I wanted to name it. Sometimes I’d keep the same name, sometimes I renamed it, but either way everything stayed working exactly the same with all the rules and settings and everything. It seriously only took a few seconds per device total. It was REALLY fast and easy. I don’t think they need to waste their time having a dev add an in-app transition option for it, that’s how simple it was. I didn’t have to bring the sensors close to the hub or anything. I even had some outside and I just paired them from wherever they were attached without moving any of them. It was smooth.

It’s funny because I waited several days to do it until I knew I’d have a bunch of time to devote to it, thinking it’d take forever and be annoying to set everything up from scratch again, and I was shocked how much better it went than I’d worried. A few clicks to the pairing, press in the pin, type the name and go to the next one and everything else was already set up just how I wanted it (rules, notifications, I didn’t have remove or reattach anything, everything was fast). Seriously, if anyone is waiting to move them to the hub, don’t. There is no reason to wait. And rip that bridge out of your camera so it’s not killing that camera’s processor and memory limitations anymore. Your V2 or PanCam will work better once you take out that Bridge. :slight_smile:

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Great job. I’m gonna go try right now !