Motion Sensor - Angle of coverage

Anyone know of a specific spec on the sngle of coversge . It says 129 degrees but what orientation.and it says pet avoidance but no matter how i set it my dog trips it. And the dog is small Jack Russel.

Is it upward looking? Downward looking? 90 deg out and up. 90 deg out snd down? Other?

Im trying to find a way to monitor an entryway, with up and down stairs. I want to detect someone coming in from the entrance. Ive tried it in the normal position but my dog trups it. Ive tried reversing it abd the dog keeps tripping it.

I have another security sensor and all i had to do was flip the vertical orientation and it doesnt see the dog.
But that one had a very specific angle of coverage. I cant see anything on the coverage angle for the wyze.

Anyone know its coverage angle?

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Motion sensors generally look down and out maybe 25ft, but that varies on the intensity of the heat source.

They normally want you to mount the sensor about 7-1/2 feet up looking down, but if you have a pet that is tripping it then invert it and mount it about 3 feet high, looking UP (make sure the Wyze logo is pointing to the RIGHT):