Separate Motion sense sensor and pets

I have a 25 lb small dog. I have a separate Wyze Sense motion detector. Can I put tape on the bottom half of the sensor so as to limit it’s vertical range as it’s picking up my dog as movement? Sensor is 6 foot from floor mounted on wall. Thank you.

I haven’t tried any with tape but it should work just fine, what I did was angle the top of the sensor back about 30 degrees mine sets on a shelf 5 feet from the floor and it doesn’t pick up my cat jumping up in the window on the other side of the room, but as soon as I walk in the room it turns the lights on for me


I’d love to see a picture of the exactly how you did that if you wouldn’t mind. I have four indoor cats and my service dog so that would come in very handy.


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I have a similar setup. I’ll try to post mine too when I get home.


For anyone with a 3D Printer, jplasencia, has posted various angled mounts for the motion sensors..

Also, masking tape works for blocking areas and semi-transparent tape (scotch tape) works for manually decreasing sensitivity.



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I don’t have a Mount or anything , I just set the sensor on the shelf and tipped it back against a little knickknack it stays there just fine

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So here’s my setup as I enter my kitchen. I have it on a command strip on a right angle bracket that is put on a magnet on my fridge. I have a tangled up so in order to trigger you have to be over a foot-and-a-half tall. my cat doesn’t trigger this by both my son and I do because luckily we are taller than cats.

This kind of setup is easy with a cheap bracket from a store and some command strips

Very nice way of using a motion sensor. I also like the The target practice sheet on the fridge pretty good grouping


Hahahaha it’s been up there for a little bit, to mess with my son’s friends :slight_smile: it was from a few months ago, on the move training for my department LOL I didn’t even think about that still hanging there when I took that picture.


PIR detectors usually focus slightly downward. To keep one from detecting pets, but still detect humans, installers will lower it a bit and turn it upside down.