Motion Sensor Sensitivity and Scheduling

HI all! Two simple questions here and i’m sure its been talked about somewhere in here.

For the Sense motion sensor, can someone tell me if it is sensitive enough to trigger to a dog? Specifically, I want to put it at the top of my doorway into my room so that it triggers my bulbs to turn on when a person walks in but I have a dog and that’s one of her favorite spots and I don’t want them constantly turning on and off all day to her activity.

Secondly, is there scheduling with the motion sensor so that it wouldn’t turn on the lights to motion during the daylight hours I’d designate.

Thanks! I have my kit, I just wanna know how those two work before i break it out and start playing around with it!

I put a motion sensor on a shelf at 5’ 4" and it would still trigger motion when my cat jumped up in the window in that room, Window ledge is 2’ from floor on the other side of the room from the motion sensor I tilted the motion sensor about 35 degrees backward and that solved the problem.
It will turn the light on when I walk into the room but not when the cat jumps in the window.

This is not possible yet but I think should be coming soon


Most PIR sensors are aimed slightly downward, so installing them upside down will (mostly) avoid pet detection.