Motion sensor way too sensitive or mine is a faulty product?

I just place a new motion sensor in my living room. But it is constantly triggered every 2-3 minutes. I thought it could be outdoor leaves etc. So I replaced it to face inside of room. Still same thing. Do you have same issue?

Are you talking about the Wyze Sense PIR motion sensor?

Yes, I think WYZE only have one dedicated motion sensor which is tiny with a big black eye:-)

The motion sensor can only detect body movements or pets moving around. It can’t be triggered by moving trees or light. I would try taking the battery out of the sensor and then putting it back in. This might fix the issue. If that doesn’t work you could also try deleting the sensor and adding it back as if it was new.

I wasn’t sure if you were talking about the Wyze Cam sensor or the regular motion sensor.

I am talking about regular motion sensor, not the cam. And I have tried to delete/add it back, didn’t solve the problem. I will try to take out the battery to see if I can get any luck.

I don’t have your issue. I don’t think I had any false positives. You said at one time it was facing outside. Note the motion sensor can not work through glass. So if it was going off while facing glass it is probably defective.

Glass acts like a mirror for IR light. If you want to use it to detect people/objects outside, you have to put it outside.

So by having it inside and aimed out through the glass, it’s actually just picking up any movement inside that’s being reflected off the glass.

Hi, Guys

I unplugged battery, reset, and re-added it back. I also placed it into a shelf and face To the inside of shelf. Pretty much should be no motion to be detected. But, unfortunately, it is still acting every 1 or 2 minutes constantly. I think this is a defect product, right?

Nobody’s anywhere close to the sensor when it’s being triggered?

No. It keeps triggered every minutes constantly 24 hours by 7 days. Anything can do that? :smile:

This sounds like a bad sensor. I would open a support ticket with Wyze.