De sensitize PIR Motion Sensor?

Hi friends,

I’ve got a motion sensor on my porch right at the stairs. There’s a straight shot from the stairs to my front door. It’s probably 15’ from the stairs to the door. I’ve got the sensor angled across the pathway so that if anyone walks to my front door, a motion tagged event will be generated and the front porch Wyze bulb will light up.

I put some scotch tape over the eye (saw it somewhere on the forum here) but it constantly shows motion all day long even though no human/ pet walks across the eye. The beam mostly faces a wall but is angled so anyone coming out the front door should get picked up.

Other than a Fall wreath my wife has hanging on the front door, there is nothing else that could move (all the plants are behind the sensor). The wall the beam is mostly hitting is getting sunlight all afternoon. Is that throwing off the PIR internals?

I’m scratching my head wondering whats setting this thing off. Any ideas? What can I do to de sensitize that motion sensor?


The heat from the sunlight could be part, or all, of your problem.
I would suggest trying the sensor in a different location without the heat situation just to make sure it is functioning correctly. If you still have the same situation, I would suggest contacting Wyze Support or call and talk to them.
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Gave support a call and talked for 20 minutes with a tech. He didnt know for sure so he reached out to a few folks there. They had no idea on how to de sensitize it and said the PIR is supposed to detect heat changes, not just heat sources/ ambient heat.

I asked what their thoughts would be if I narrow down the eye with some electrical tape. That way its more of a focused beam. Tech reached out to the engineers and they said try it!

I watched the cams on one device while looking at the sensor on another. For my front porch Ive discovered that the flag moving sets off the sensor. Confirmed it multiple times. On the side yard I’ve got no idea but there are two wind chimes in the vicinity.

Gonna try and narrow down the eye and see what happens. Yes I understand this is not the designed use but if helps someone, then this is all worth it.


Here’s the area and the red lines indicate roughly the direction the sensor is aiming. Sensor is on the deck (hidden by the post). Flag moved and set it off. Yard inflatable didnt move/ motion while I was watching it.

Here’s my side yard. Sensor is mounted on the top 2x4 of the fence. I’ve got it set up to record a clip/ turn on lights when motion is detected in the area. Only thing that could move is two wind chimes indicated by the yellow arrows.

Anybody got any ideas??