PIR Sensors v. Pets

For those with the motion sensors V2…

I am curious about the operation v. PETS, specifically CATS…

Yes, I read that mounting the sensor sideways or something, it was on a link I can’t find now… sigh… This sort of mentions what was in that link:

Would love to know what others are seeing with the PIR motion sensors and pets, specifically cats.

The old system had Honeywell “80lb pet friendly” yeah, kitty ain’t that big! And they do like to jump on a couch(s), "cat"tomans etc…but not climbers like other cats I’ve had.

I really don’t need to get radio calls for MY home…

So if you’ve got cat(s) and the motion sensors I’d like to have your input.


I have several crazy cats and have never had a false alarm. Motion sensors (v2) are placed ~7’ up from the floor with Wyze logo and reset button on the left. Sensitivity on all of my indoor v2 sensors is set to Mid.

Installing your Wyze Home Monitoring System


I have a few cats. It kind of depends how I have the motion sensor mounted. For example, I have some that I keep upside down at shoulder height or so, and I can’t recall a time those were triggered by my cats.

On the other hand, I have another one that I mounted on the ceiling by the doorway of my stairs (only 7-8 feet above the ground), and that one will trigger when my cats walk on the stairs.


Mine face away from stairs or with only the landing in range. Also not facing windows, mirrors or HVAC registers.

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