Cat set off home alarm motion sensor

Cat set off alarm. Never has before but for some reason she did today. Motion sensor tripped. Not sure what happened to the sound, it’s clear on the playback.


thats your security alarm tone…i think its titled “Helicopter” :slight_smile: that or you’re rich and just landing as you got home.


Shhhh! I don’t want word getting out!


My alarm company told me about a reasonable workaround. Turn your sensor upside-down and mount it just above the animal height. Theirs, as do most, shot straight out and, what to them is down, so the sensor will now shoot out at just above animal height and up. That captures the room from, for example, hobbit height to ceiling.
Takes a very very short person or a boot camp marine to get under it.

Are you calling me shortie? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Sounds like an idea but I don’t think it will help in this case. The cats have not set it off before and the threshold is set to ignore them. I think to be honest it was a reflection from the deck the cat walked through. Besides they have a cat tree they climb all over in the same area of the room and it’s never set it off. Going to keep my eye (and Wyze cameras) on it for awhile.



You are obviously a giant among men!:zap::bangbang:I would certainly not call a giant “shortie”!

I wound up using that trick with my two (small) dogs who stay in our foyer area when we are away. However -they don’t climb! The cat tree would make it not work.

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Newport (?) in the catbird seat. Is that his favorite perch?

That ones Honey, she really likes the highest perch. Newport for whatever reason loves the little house just below that. It’s funny watching Newport try and cram all her bits and parts into the little house! But she huffs and puffs until she gets most of herself contained.

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Speaking of shorties… air power rocks! :slight_smile:


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