Motion Sensor Question

If I use a wyze motion sensor, can I adjust it enough so my cats don’t trigger it?

Sensitivity isn’t adjustable, unfortunately. Placement would be key for something like that. At an equal distance, a cat would be less likely to set it off than a human, but a cat that’s 10 feet away, for example, might have a stronger heat signature than a human that’s 20 feet away. So even if it were adjustable, I’m not sure if you’d be able to get it that specific.

I believe the sensor is angled down slightly, if the logo is right side up. So if you flip it upside down, it may be less likely to see a cat crawling across the floor. But you’d want to make sure it still triggers on a human where you want it to.

You can also cover the sensor with something like scotch tape if you want to reduce the sensitivity without totally impairing it.

It all depends on where you mount it and the angle of the object it is stuck to. For example, it mounted next to a door or staircase, just move it higher. If it is a broad angle for all encompassing room view I don’t think there would be much to fix your issue. Go for a narrow focus and it will work.