Cant set motion detector to exclude pets

I have a staircase i want to cover with a motion detector. Its a point where there are 3 doors that allow access. I covered this with a single motion detector on my previous system. But that detector looked upward.

I cannot get the wyze motion detectire to ignore small pets no matter where iocate it. Even my 5 pound Chihuahua triggers an alarm.

How do these detectors work?
Do they look up equally as down?
What is the angle of coverage.

Pets setting off an alarm is not a good system.

I need to be able to cover an area, but exclude detections from floor up to about 30 inches.

You essentially do it the same way as your old system. Apparently that motion sensor always looked up, where the Wyze sensor looks down. So what you need to do is mount the Wyze sensor upside-down, above the height of your pet like so:


Duh! In fact, my other one looked down and I flipped it. Didn’t realize the Wyze ones worked the same way. I’ll test that tomorrow. Thanks.


Nice graphic Newshound.

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That’s me, bottom left. :slight_smile:

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I would have never guessed that was you Newshound, I assume the lady is watering the plant before you do?
This is probably too late for @ipscone, but maybe of interest to others seeking an optimal aim angle for a motion sensor? Once an angle is selected, a mount incorporating it could be fashioned out of wood, sheet metal, plastic, paper mache, clay, or whatever. See pictures below.

These pictures show the old Wyze motion sensor, but a newer version should work as well and of course, the sensor itself could be placed up-side-down on the cardboard test strip?



Actually, I got there first. She’s cleaning up after me. :wink:

I was thinking of using a smashed L-bracket (bent to a small angle) for my front door sensor with two pieces of 3M command strip double-sided outdoor tape to hold everything in place, but I realized instead of using the L-bracket to turn the sensor away from my neighbors, I just needed to turn the sensor a bit. This one uses a very small piece of that 3M command strip double-sided outdoor tape on the bottom, but you could also use something like Velcro (so you can change batteries or the angle).

So yet another sensor mounting option (not for dogs, though!) :slight_smile:


Smartest dog I have ever seen, good idea.

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