Motion Sensor too sensitive

I use a new V2 motion sensor to detect movement then turn on my daughters bathroom lights. The bathroom is open to her bedroom and is constantly triggered by her working on her computer or by her TV. It appears to be triggered by the light changes associated with her room and not her actual movement. The sensor is set to low sensitivity setting and I have tried placing it in different areas of the bathroom including facing the wall but it still consistently turns on the lights. Is there a way to decrease the sensor even more so it won’t be triggered so often? We did not have this problem with the older motion sensors.

The motion sensors are PIR sensors so they require a moving heat source to be triggered. They should not be triggered by light.

There are some who have used tape to limit the field of view of the sensor. They are also designed to be installed upside down if you have pets so that low moving objects won’t activate them. You might try turning them over to change the field geometry upward.


Is it possible to mount it on a different wall not facing the bathroom?

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I have tried to place the sensor upside down, sideways, backwards, and even covered it with a dark sock and it still randomly turns the bathroom lights on. However, we have a recirculating hot water system with pipes running through the wall directly behind the sensor, is it possible that the recirculating 140 degree hot water is triggering the sensor?

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Absolutely! Any nearby heat source will confuse the sensor.

Relocate and test.

Also, I have had sensors pinging false positive motion before. Place it in a drawer and see if it still pings motion to the rule trigger. If it does, pull the battery, put new batteries in it and factory reset it. Then reinstall it.

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Well it looks like my sensor just needed to be reset as you suggested, actually I had two that needed to be done. They both now appear to be working properly, thank you for your helpful feedback.

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