V2 Motion Sensors not detecting motion

I have three V2 motion sensors all placed 7’ high. None of them are picking up motion in the room. Only by walking up and waving my hand a few inches from it will it trigger.

I still have some v1 motion sensors in the same rooms, but placed away from the v2 sensors. Those old v1 sensors pick up motion when I walk into the room.

I’ve tried changing the sensitivity to high and to low. I’ve waited 2 hours for it to take effect. These things aren’t detecting motion making them useless.

V2 motion sensors were built to help limit pets setting them off, so it may be that you have it mounted in the position where it won’t detect anything below it. This having it mounted 7 foot high would mean it won’t detect anything moving under 7 feet high.

Review the following support page about how to mount them correctly:

Basically, if the Wyze logo is pointing to the right, then the sensor will ignore everything below it as seems to be happening to you.