Motion Sensor V2: improve detection range

The V2 motion sensor range is very weak - even with sensitivity set to High I have to get within about 8’ of it in order to set it off. This means an intruder could walk around in the far end of my living or dining room - or almost any room - without triggering it. We really shouldn’t have to install multiple sensors in each room in order to get adequate coverage!

Unfortunately I suspect this is a hardware issue, not something that could be fixed with a firmware update, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

BTW, the old V1 sensor, despite its other shortcomings, had much better range: I could easily set it off from 20’ away. One easy solution would be to allow V1 sensors to trigger alarms on the new Hub, as has been requested by quite a few people…

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This hasn’t been my experience. I was surprised to discover that I can trigger it upwards of 20-25’ away.

What setting do you have it on? I had set mine to High, but the next day I discovered it was still on Mid. I’ve reset it to High probably 8 or 10 times since then, and I get the ‘2 hours’ message, but it still stays on Mid. Maybe I’d get 25’ if I could actually set it to High. Think I’ll open a separate thread on that.

My sensitivity problem - or that is, the sensitivity problem for my Wyze motion sensor! - is apparently related to my not being able to change the sensitivity to High. I’ve opened a separate post on this topic, so Moderator, you can close this one if you want.

Mine is still on Medium.