Motion Sensor Sensitivity with Home Monitoring

With the new home monitoring, the motion sensor sensitivity settings are low, mid & high. What do these mean?

I’ve recently received and setup my system and it seems those settings dictate the range and or response time.

I would like to know this as well so I can know if the Wyze Vacuum is going to set off the alarm in the middle of the night when I have it vacuum the 2 largest most vulnerable areas of my house. Will the Wyze Home Monitoring Motion Sensor be set off by the Wyze Vacuum zooming around the floor in the dark.

Same here. It would be helpful to know what exactly these settings mean. Mine is set on medium. I have tried changing it to high, it says changes will take effect in the next two hours, but every time I go back to that setting, it’s set to medium again. Any ideas why?

I have run my vacuum several times and it did not set off the motion sensor alarm, so that is good!

I take that back, after changing the sensitivity to high for like the 10th time, the setting finally held. :smiley:

It detected motion from about 22-23 ft away, so I’m happy with that!

Were you in “test mode” or live mode? Meaning… when you changed the setting from medium to high, and the setting finally kept, what mode were you in?

Wondering if you had to be out of test mode in order for that setting to stay on “high” or “low” for that matter for those that may need to set it to low…


Well,I just checked again, and the motion sensor is still set to medium. Not sure what happened. I have been running it in test mode.

I am very happy with the motion sensor detection speed and distance. Rules are very responsive to trigger lights as I pass through the house. Thumbs up to motion detect!

Hmm… Peculiar… It does not seem like that setting stays in one position… “mid” sensitivity…

I’m thinking the setting never changed for me. It was late at night when I checked and thought it was set to high. I was probably looking at some other setting. :grinning: I’ve tried adjusting this setting several times since then and it’s stuck on medium.