Tip: How to make it easi-ER to bring offline Wyze Device back online

I was thinking and remembered these & thought I should share.

We need to remember, its not a one-size fits all. There are layers of solutions that help us. There are alternatives to adding a WiFi Switch to turn devices off & back on. Some are smart and some are just manual. Here goes.

This is the Sonoff USB WiFi adapter. I have used them. Gave my last to a friend and forgot about it. Configure it on your network, and you can turn your USB device side off with your voice, app, a scheduled restart, a rule (scene) and it even has Power on State which is really useful.

These are simple manual switches in a variety of configurations. Handy to have depending on what works best for you. I’d rather turn a switch on and off, than unplug a cable and plug it back in. I’m lazy.

USB Cable, Male A - Female B with On/Off Power Switch

USB Extension Cable Male A - Female B with ON/Off Switch

USB Cable Male Micro B - Female Micro B with on Off Power Switch

USB Extension Cable Male A - Female Micro B with on Off Power Switch

USB Splitter Male A - Female B - Dual with On/Off Switch

I don’t think anyone here would accuse me, but let me say it anyway. I don’t make an money by suggesting these choices. Just the first ones I found.

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Not to mention that plugging/unplugging introduces wear and tear.

Would you happen to know what is the amperage on the Sonoff USB WiFi adapter?

Thanks for the info,

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Thanks for the write up. I’d say this is better suited for #tips-and-tricks instead of #cameras . Ok if I move it there?


I reference the Sonoff WiFi USB. No, I don’t. You can look it up for more details. I’d rather point people to the source than look it up and post and answer. Let people see all of it.

Remember it does not charge. Its just a smart on/off switch. So, its going to allow power to pass. And USB does not have much.

Look here, itead.cc and sonoff.tech
I’ve bought directly from the itead.cc factory. Good prices., just take a while longer to arrive.

They have a new product called iHost. Sort like a local smart hub. Will allow what they call LAN Control. So, if Internet is down, you can still control your devices via the app. Pretty cool.

Max Input/Output both are: DC 5V/2.5A (USB Type-A [male for the input, female for the output)
Note: only support BC1.2 charging protocol, Max. 1Aoutput for charging.

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Cool. We aren’t trying to use it for charging, eh? And the 2.5a is higher than I have seen on muli-port power adapters.

Thanks for looking. (As I said, I am lazy.)

Yes, I just posted the rest of the details because I already had them available, not because they were relevant for this use-case (I’m detail-oriented).

Yes, this gives sufficient power (volts/amps) for these cameras :+1: It looks like a great option for people who want to be able to power cycle a camera without having to pull the power cord.

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Thanks for being detail-oriented.

I was thinking how it might help those folks that mount the camera and then can’t reach them without a ladder. Sure, a 120V WiFi switch would work. This is just another option in the bag 'o-tricks.

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The reason I asked is I didn’t see the Amps on the link, or I might just be lazy as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post

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