Wyze Plug - Disable physical on/off button

This might be a bit premature since the Wyze plug just released, but I wanted to throw this out there.

I use smart plugs to control the TVs in my house, specifically I turn them off at certain times to keep my kids from watching them when not allowed, however every smart plug I’ve seen so far has had a physical button on it that toggles the outlet and I understand the Wyze has the same. Would it be possible to disable that in software? My kids have gotten smart enough to push the button behind the TV to turn it back on.

I can’t speak for Wyze but I guess they won’t because that button is there in case something goes wrong with the software. Maybe the app is not working or your phone is not working or maybe your Wi-Fi is down. Still this would be optional but I haven’t seen any other brand offering that option.

whats to stop them from just taking out the smart plug though and plugging the tv back in?


If you were to super glue that button , that would be exactly the next thing the kids would do

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sounds to me like there are other courses of action you should pursue first,


Sounds like a Sonoff WiFi switch will be best for your current situation as it does not have a physical switch and cannot easily be unplugged from the device. However, you will need some basic electrical handyman skills to hardwire the power cord into the device. There should be plenty of YouTube videos out there of people showing how to do that part. Also, because it is hardwired into the power cord to the device (TV in your case) your kids can unplug the cord from the wall all they want without disconnecting it. Unless your kids figure out how to unwire the Sonoff switch and rewire the power cord directly to the TV then you should be good for a while.

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Much more diy, but not a bad I idea of in willing to muck with the TV cord. Thanks for the thought.

I was previously considering modifying a toolbox with slots for cables and lock the power strip inside.

That is also a good idea but make sure that you do not inadvertently cause overheating to the devices plugged into the power strip and the power strip itself while closing it/them up in an unvented box/container. I recently had part of a curtain accidentally partially cover a smart plug that was connected to a power strip nearby. The smart plug overheated and no longer works, felt lucky it did not turn into a more serious problem.

I’ve had to do similar things at my home. The router mysteriously can’t connect after midnight, and the power to the TV antenna booster goes off at the same time.

Looking at my Wyze Plug’s power button, it is flush and could be covered with plastic or metal without the button being pressed in. Some epoxy and a piece of white plastic measuring 1" x 1 1/8" should do the trick.

Hey @dant98x00000001, Wyze Plug PM here.

As some of the other community members have said we can’t really disable the button as that’s how we factory reset the Plug. So if something were to go wrong and you disabled the button it would be bricked. An alternative solution would be to put a Wyze Cam right by your Wyze Plug so you can catch your kids if they manually turn the TV on! :slight_smile:

You can also check out the usage information on the Wyze Plug page to see if it was turned on when it wasn’t supposed to.