Wyze Smart Outlet, not Wyze Plug

I would like to put time limits on my sons TV/Computer/Gaming time. The Wyze Plug is a great start, but I would love to see an actual wired outlet, that you put in the wall. This would prevent the simple work around of unplugging the Plug, so to speak.

There are competitor products but I know Wyze can do it better . :slight_smile:

It hasn’t become an issue yet but I’m thinking ahead of when he becomes a teenager :wink:

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This is a unique enough request that I approved it as is, but there are even better ways to accomplish what you are wanting to do. This is done by specifically creating a schedule on your router for the MAC addresses associated with your son’s devices. That way they can’t run an extension cord from another room where the outlet has no schedule. :slight_smile:


That’s a valid point and something I had considered.

When I wrote this, I was actually thinking about the Xfinity TV box which runs on their moca network. To my knowledge, I can’t lock it out through the router. He likes to watch YouTube on it.

We all love the Wyze Plugs, but I would love to see a true long-term hard-wired 15A-rated Wyze plug that replaces the standard outlet installed in the wall to avoid having a permanent wall wart.


That is good advice. And, use a password on the router’s Admin functions so the young You Tube enthusiast does not defeat the router settings. If I were still a teen. I would try that!

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I would like to see an outlet replacement instead of a plug. You could add USB ports into it and it wouldn’t stick out from the wall like the plug.


I wasn’t seeing much traction on this so I haven’t responded back to it in a while. I’m interested in this for multiple reasons. jdmann28 pointed out one of them. Maybe it’s my OCD but I’m not a huge fan of having boxes on the outside of my walls.

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The fact this has been tagged as “researching” is a good sign Wyze is looking into this. :slight_smile:


Yes yes and yes again. Outlets are so much better than plugs. I went with a separate brand just to get outlets because I don’t want plugs


Remember - Outlets require wiring. Some places require a permit or a permit AND an electrician for ANY 120V or above wiring.
I don’t know of any place that requires such to put a plug in an existing outlet.

That’s true enough but I can go down to the the local big box hardware store today and buy a competitor product. I know it CAN be done, just hoping it WILL be done :smiley:

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It would be nice to have an in wall power outlet so a smart plug type device is flush to the wall. I have not seen those on the market or mentioned on the wishlist.


Instead of wyze plugs why not create wyze receptacles? Make different versions, normal indoor, gcfi, usb, etc. this would be a more cleaner look to outlets vs a plug. I have been looking for a gcfi plug that handle my pool pump but can’t find anything on the market?

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The problem with wire-in receptacles vs. plugs is they have a smaller market. Anyone can plug in a smart plug, but renters may not be allowed to replace their outlets and homeowners may not have the skill to install (or possibly even be technically in violation of wiring codes if they do), which substantially increases actual cost.

It also isn’t as if products of this type aren’t already available from other companies, meaning Wyze would not even have a unique product.

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I’m interested in a smart outlet that is for installment in wall. I have smart plugs all over the place from multiple manufacturers. I’m still remodeling my home and replacing outlet recepticles. It only takes a few minutes for most handy individuals. A clean in wall outlet with two smart plugs would be amazing. There are several companies already making these. I believe Wyze would do it better.


You make a good point. But, here’s something to consider. If Wyze also targeted home builders and remodelers, they could increase the outlet/switch direct market some. But moreover, when the home is marketed as a Wyze Home Built In, that exposes a lot of consumers to the Wyze brand and creates indirect sales for other Wyze products. Wyze coy create a ‘builder’s bundle’ with these + security (including smoke/co detector).

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instead of sending Wyze Labs off to research yet another product offering, all you need is a way from the app to alert you that the wyze plug was unplugged from the wall, it is no longer powered, that would mean your son is connecting his charger directly to the outlet.

another simple solution is superglue.

no need for new products. Wyze is already way stretched as it is, with products like the Wyze Sense, (Wyzes first foray away outside of the wireless camera business) , desperately needing attention:

Would wish to see available Wyze outlets,

Simply an in-wall smart plug with a nice sleek design same style as the traditional outlets you and i have in the walls in our homes with the ability to set schedules triggers and so on as with all other Wyze smart devices

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Smart kids just unplug the router at night and plug directly into the cable modem.

Can we get a smart in-wall outlet?

There are several companies who have Wi-Fi smart plugs that plug into your existing wall plate and, for the most part, they work great. Wyze is no exception to that. There are significantly less companies making smart in-wall outlets, however. One such company’s version is cheap and is quite literally a $25 paperweight. Wyze could definitely make their own version of this product that is both cost-effective for home-wide implementation and stands head and shoulders above the rest!