Wyze Smart Plug

@SupaIrish I’m thinking a smart switch will probably be next on the next priority on their list of wyze products… But for now you can vote for it.


Would be nice to have the outlet on the side rather than face for close quarter installation.



I would hope it would have on/off modes as well as a momentary mode that can act like a button (both NC and NO) with a tunable wait time. I plan on plugging in a 120v ac relay and tying it into my garage opener button.

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Just curious have you seen if the Wyze ones will be UL listed? I don’t recall seeing it on the spec sheet, but maybe I missed it.

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It is ETL certified which like UL is also OSHA approved.


This is the one I have been using. Also have another power strip style at the office. They work very well

Use a sonoff module. They have momentary options.

No. I like Wyze

I have my modem from Comcast (even though it is a rip off as they always caused connection issues when I owned my own) and you can reboot modem through your Comcast account.

The “smart plug” is another big “brick” standing proud of the wall and dangling by the power-connecting blades, which have been forced into duty of load-bearing supports …

I’d like to see Wyze offer a replacement, in-wall, combo outlet. Externally it would look like one of these:

Two traditional AC outlets, plus two USB “charging” ports.

I chose to get a couple of these from Home Depot to power my Wyze Cams rather than use the included power supply brick. So far the USB ports are working fine.

But a “smart” plug INSIDE the wall instead of hanging off the wall would be great.

Is there room in the power junction box for all the smart features? Will the power wiring more-or-less coiled inside the junction box interfere with WiFi? Can the WiFi signals get out of metal junction box — assuming the AC ports aren’t in a modern plastic box?

Anyhow, is there any hope of a smart plug or USB transformer that ISN’T just another brick in the wall?


If your outlets are load bearing I think you have larger concerns.

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Design might be a little cramped to have two USB (along with their transformer), two sockets, and Wi-Fi in a single box.

If you want that, a Lutron $etup i$ the be$t option.

Also older houses with grounded metal boxes may likely cause wifi strength issues. Newer houses will have plastic so it’d be ok.

I find these to be pretty robust physically. I wonder if your existing outlets are worn out ?

My house isn’t older. Don’t have any problems with my existing sockets. The home just doesn’t have a whole house surge protector installed. I have surge protector sockets installed where needed though. Even with plastic boxes, things get a bit cramped in there.

I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but I would love to see a couple USB ports on the device.

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There’s an open #wishlist topic for that:

Be sure to VOTE at the top.


when will wyze has the in wall smart socket? the plug is good, but we need the in wall version

Please see this #wishlist topic. :slight_smile:


We need a reboot option not just on or off. Please Wyze

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