New product idea?

Is there any thought about a camera that can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet or smart plug, eliminate the need for wires and adapters?

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Hmm, “spy” versions are $200 and up. What kind of appearance / field of view are you thinking of?

I’m confused. All Wyze cams can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet or smart plug, but are otherwise wireless?

WYZE must immediately STOP releasing more new product until they have fully implemented the features on their present products!!

This is insane… so many customers are expressing valid, technically sound concerns about the Wyze products (in my case only a Wyze Lock, thankfully) on these boards, and what kind of responses do you see from Wyze!!!

There are the odd response from a tech or two who wander in to the boards, but for it is customers answering questions of other customers, questins the customer service folks failed to address. These are often technically challenged customers both needing and providing the assistance, and the not infrequent technically proficient customers input is most greatly appreciated.

Why aren’t Wyze’s engineers all-over-this!??! This has the potential to be a gold mine of invaluable data to improve their internal data. This is obviously NOT what is happening here. Its tumbleweeds from Wyze Support, bayee-bee! Nuthin’! (Aw, really, ANYBODY at Wyze, not just support!)

Too bad. The leaders could choose to go in a better and far more helpful direction. They could make that choice any day of the week. Crawl these boards for a week. I’m certain Wyze would be revolutionized. (I am just as certain that it will NEVER happen!)

Here is an ironclad rule I have in dealing with those who wish to sell me something: fix the @#$%^ wrong with our current product before even TRYING to sell me anything else! Get a clue, Wyze!

How do they expect even a fair uptake of future products when they have (not so much hampered present customers) as NEGLECTED them. Shame, coulda’ been their cheapest source of new customers, and their best promoters.

After my truly “disabusing” experience with this interesting Wyze Lock and its truly lacking support, do you think I was inclined to purchase my alarm & camera systems from these folks?! Hahaha, I guess not.

Still, it’s too bad.


I believe they are looking for a camera which plugs directly into an outlet without any wires. The actual plug is part of the housing.

Ah. Well, beyond a spy cam that has already been mentioned, I did play with an outlet shelf once (about $15 on Amazon - use a 6" USB cable with it):


Great idea! A Wyze version of the spy cam that doubles as a usb charger would be awesome! I just Googled, there’s some as cheap as $15


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No, @Newshound. This is the sort of thing I was referring to. I assume the OP’s request would not require as small or hidden a lens.

Yes, that is the best I could offer beyond what you already mentioned.

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Sorry, weird, somehow I misread your earlier comment as “well beyond” without the comma. Don’t know quite what I was thinking.

A small, cheap wall plug mounted unconcealed camera is an interesting little idea. Your ShelfCam™ is the right concept and something like the Echo Flex with a wide angle or fisheye or swivel lens would be cool.

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