Cut the cord

Any plans to offer a version that simply plugs into a wall socket without a cord?

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Version? I assume you are referring to the Wyze cam?
This option is already possible with an additional accessory available on Amazon.

Edit: It uses a small mini cord for the power source.

Wyze Cam Outlet Wall Mount


Here is another one


Both of those still use the Micro USB cable and Mushrooms. I may be wrong but was the OP looking for a camera with a permanently attached “standard” power cord? If so you would still need the transformer (mushroom) to step the voltage down and switch it to DC.

I don’t think that’s very feasible without increasing the housing size and possibly the cost.


You are right. They do use a mini cord it’s just less messy. This is as close as your going to get with current product.


Re reading his post I think he was asking for a plug to be directly built into the camera. That would be tricky.

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I agree if I understand his question I think that’s as close as you can get.


My problem with either his ask, or either of those solutions is they limit camera placement. You would only be able to have cameras where an outlet is and a lot of outlets end up behind furniture or appliances so it would really limit camera placement I would think.


I tried something similar a year and a half ago. I just wanted something inconspicuous, where I could watch the inside of my front door when I was on travel. I found the view was too low, and I ended up moving the camera to a higher table. I do have a couple outlets in the house that are high enough, but I have no need for cameras there. Using it for something like a Bluetooth speaker like they show in the ad would probably be a better use for it IMO.

P.S. - I bought a 6" USB cord with it, so cords were minimized:


I have to say this was a very good question. And now at least other users will have an idea what the options are for this type of setup.

Also, Wyze may be able to design a better one piece cordless adaptor in the future to plug directly into the back of the cam then in the outlet. Maybe a new #wishlist item if it isn’t already requested.

@samdonato Thanks for asking and bringing this topic up!


I understand what they are asking for but I don’t believe there are any plans for anything like that , probably will never be , so these mounts are probably as close as your going to get


Welcome to the community, @samdonato. I would suggest making your request in this #wishlist thread. :slight_smile:

I use something like this to plug my cameras and Echo Dots in -

Gets rid of the mini-transformers forming wall warts everywhere and allows the sockets to be available for other uses.

Also interested in the battery implementation for the Outdoor Cam. Might use those inside as well if I like the way it works.

I run two cameras straight off one of these , plus the other low power things , pluged in to it

Same here. I bought one but never used it.