In-Wall Smart Wi-Fi USB Charging Outlet

Wish Wyze offered this: TOPGREENER In-Wall Smart Wi-Fi USB Charging Outlet

Please don’t create duplicate posts, it only creates confusing and clutters the forum.

You already voted for and commented on this wishlist request, that’s the most you can do at this time.

Unfortunately it’s labeled as probably not, so it definitely isn’t a priority for Wyze at this time.


Didn’t intend to cause a problem. What I had really wanted was to contact developers about the possibility of collaborating with Topgreener as opposed to having to manufacture the device themselves.


The best way to get developer visibility on this forum is to reply to the wishlist topic mentioned by @IEatBeans above. Developers won’t be reading this topic in the Power & Lighting category.


Your fine, I was just letting you know for the future because some users take it too far then it becomes are problem :slight_smile:

As Seapup said, replying to the wishlist topic is the best way to get a developers attention. This is primarily a user to user forum, but developers do watch the wishlist posts often.