Dual Outlet Plug with dual USB ports

I want to see a wyze dual outlet plug, if possible with fast-charging dual usb ports, and timer. Each outlet can be controlled independently.

Welcome to the community, @aintalmd73. I have approved this as a separate #wishlist topic from this one, USB-C Ports (Surge Protector, Smart Plugs, Cams), because you are requesting for multiple regular and USB ports. :slight_smile:


Wyze Plug with Multiple USB ports

I have search but not found anything about this so hopefully it isn’t a duplicate. I am wondering if there are plans to release a wall plug (single or double) with USB ports integrated? I think that would be a good addition to the line up of products because it would allow a electrical connection and also a place to power a camera as well!!

Wyze smart plug with USB port

Hey All

I just wanted to reach out and say great product (cameras v2, pan cam, and plugs). Now that I see you have a hard wired switch, I’m guessing there is a hard wired plug (receptical) is in the works? I’m hoping it will have a couple usb ports on it.