USB-C Ports (Surge Protector, Smart Plugs, Cams)

On the next iteration of all of your products please include USB-C ports/plugs. USB-A is on its way out for this more convenient standard.

I completely agree, I am starting to notice a lack of USB A cords in my house and a surplus of USB C cords.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d even go so far as to say that you could excluded the cable on Cams since they’re becoming so ubiquitous that people probably have them lying around

I would like to see an actual in wall outlet with the USB c or if we had to USB A. It looks so much better when they’re actually in the wall and then plug into a wall outlet. The only advantage is if you look at Lutrons plug-in wall outlet it is also an extender for their proprietary technology so that it covers the entire house. Only problem is it’s quite large. As you can see from above Insteon makes in wall outlets. They make one that the top is a dimmer and the Bottom is always on. And then the second one both outlets are smart but they’re just on/off. And with Insteon you must buy the remote separately.

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USB-C Port Instead of Micro-USB On All Cameras

USB-C should be used in all future versions. At this point there is just no reason NOT to. It opens up so many options. It carries more power, it can carry audio, video, ethernet, etc. It could be used to do a POE with a RJ45->USB-C Adapter. Etc

I get the impression USB-C is slightly more expensive to implement than micro USB.

As to power and Ethernet, Zmodo did that years ago with micro USB.