Looking for Ideas For Turning Off/On Cam Motion Detection or Power

I have several Wyze Cams which I use to capture motion as a simple security solution when I’m not in the house.
Currently, I turn motion detect on/off manually via the app when I leave but get flooded with alerts when someone is home before me or comes home at lunchtime etc.

I’d like to have something physical, like a button to perform the same task so when someone leaves they can turn on the motion detection via the button & when someone returns they can press a button to turn off the motion detection.
It is a busy family house, so geolocation via phones doesn’t really work.
I have several cameras so don’t want to install smart plugs to control them all.

I have a few spare Philips Hue buttons/dimmers & also the same from Ikea.
I tried to use IFTTT but Hue doesn’t support triggers from the switches.

Does anyone have any clever ideas how I can link a hue button, or perhaps do something with a RPI to trigger motion detection or power off/on the Wyze Cam 2?

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Install a smart plug on the V2’s USB power brick …

I converted a wyze sensor and wired it to a switch. I’m using it to turn on/off a group of 4 wyze bulbs, but you could do the same to turn off/on notifications.


I use plug as an actual light switch in my shop. Replaced the real switch with an outlet, plugged the plug in and a light into the plug.
You could do something similar and set the plug with a rule to turn on/off motion for a group of cams. Wouldn’t even need to use the plug for anything other than a switch.


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To add to @tomp‘s idea, you could use the plug with the button and set (if you had one) your voice assistant to turn off and on the the plug witch would turn on and off the motion detection.

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Absolutely. I use Alexa and it works very well!
@GabboCH didn’t say if they had an assistant but yes-good idea!

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You could do it like the above.
I use Alexa also and a lot of third part devices … I don’t like depending on only one company.

But to keep it simple and flexible I use Smart life app to run my Smart plugs (not Wyze smart plugs).
In this app you can run set scheduling and turn anything you plug into it on and off manually from anywhere you are…works without issue for over 4 years now…power failures and all will auto connect no problems !

Thanks for all the replies.
As i said, I have many cameras so I don’t really want to install a smart plug for all of them.

I already have several Ikea plugs for timed lighting.

I use Alexa and it would be acceptable for me to use voice control to be able to enable motion detection but for the moment wyze only supports video streams to the Show.

This was why I was looking into some kind of app in the middle (like ifttt) that would let me interface something else & then trigger the wyze.

I guess there is no public api or RPI modules which can interface with wyze?

I will have to see if I can find a wyze sensor from somewhere to try the trick from Ken.
Not so easy being outside the US but will see if amazon can ship something.
I have several hue motion sensors but again the same problem, they cannot be used as triggers.

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You can set the plug so when you turn off the (1) plug it will turn off all of the cameras.

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Ahhh, this was the kind of idea I was looking for.

I can perhaps use a Ikea or Hue plug to trigger the wyze routine for all of my cameras.

If it works it would be great as I could do the same upstairs to turn on the outside detection when we go to bed.

I’ll look into that next week and feedback if I’m successful.

I’m not sure if IKEA or Hue devices will work with wyze. @tomp might be able to give input.

Problem is if you turn off motion detection if an intruder enters at the time when it’s off you won’t get a video recording.

Better to work on notifications muting …

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Sorry-I’m no help in the Ikea or Hue plug question. No experience there.

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Me neither, I was just checking. Thanks for the other help/ideas!:grinning:

For me it’s more a question of privacy to record people while they are home.

I have a lot of smart home devices which I like to be able to control physically or via Alexa rather via routines.
This way everyone who is at home is able to access the lights or cameras.
A bit like the old school alarm systems of the past where you must arm is disarm when entering or leaving the house.

It would be perfect for me if Wyze offered a button or switch which was fully integrated & could be used with the lights and trigger other routines directly in the app

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Yes everyone has their applied usage.

For us …not sure how it is where you at.

Our cams are always on with Covid our area has become a bit worrisome with more and more daytime home invasion occuring.

All in all good luck and stay safe.

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Just to give an follow up after all of the suggestions from everyone.
I didn’t find an easy way to integrate any of the Ikea/Hue buttons/plugs I currently have with Wyze to control the camera myself.

In the end, I linked Wyze & Alexa with IFTTT using some applets to enable or disable the motion detection via voice commands.

Its not exactly what I wanted but for now it’s working,

Thanks again for all the suggestions, it was interesting to experiment!