Connecting from a wifi network away from home?

Having trouble turning on the camera when away from my home wifi network. I’m not sure why, or if maybe I’m not supposed to. If a turn on the camera before I leave home, but turn off the power with a smart plug, could I turn on the wyze cam away from home using the smart plug? or would I still have to use the wyze app to turn it on?

Hello @sschardi, I’m curious on why you would want to turn the camera off using a smart plug when both on/off actions can be done within the Wyze app?

Well, like I said, when away from my home network, and with the camera off, I am having trouble turning it on through a different wi fi network. I just tried turning it on at home, then unplugging the camera and plugging it back in. Not a good idea. It took a while to get it working again. I don’t want to leave it on all the time, especially when I am home. i don’t want it recording what I am doing while at home. I have been turning it on when leaving home, as that seems to be my only option.

Ah okay, I do ask that on your network that the camera is connected to you check to see that these ports are open so that the camera can work properly.

While I am somewhat tech savvy, checking what ports are open is not something an average user would know how to do. (I would have to google it). And as I have in the past accessed the camera live stream and recorded footage from afar, and probably had turned on the camera before leaving home, I would have to assume any required ports were open. I don’t remember if I had tried to turn on the camera using the app before, (away from home) but yesterday I was away from home, and tried, and tried to turn on the camera using both my phone and my tablet, and it keep asking me to exit the app and try again, which I did many times. I know even at home, sometimes it takes several attempts to activate the camera before it works. Maybe it has to do with the local network I was using away from home that messed it up.

I recommend that you try to connect to the camera while using the phone with an cellular connection, so if you are able to connect to the camera and view the live stream while using cellular connection and not a WIFI connection this would let us know that it is a porting issue with the WIFI network.