Time to update outdoor camera

I have been struggling to get my camera working. When I set it up yesterday, I got pictures. Today, as I went to mount it, it would not connect with the base station, giving me an error 90.

I was about to delete and reconnect it, when I saw that it needed another firmware update, so I clicked it. After about 15 minutes, it stopped with an error message that it failed, and to try again.

It has not been updating for 90 minutes and continues “updating”.
– How long should I wait?
– What happens if I close it and try again?
– I’m traveling in 2 days. If it does not work, my only option is return it tomorrow.

You should do a search about Outdoor cams and issues with updating, seems to be a lot of issues lately.
This post may be of interest to you ----> Base Station got bricked tonight after trying to update

You should only have to wait a handful of minutes at most. Your error 90 probably meant there were communications issues (unit too far away is a possibility). Under those circumstances it isn’t a good idea to also try to send it a firmware update. Personally, I only update an Outdoor camera when I am recharging it. That way it is much closer to the Base.

It’s been 3 hours now, so if you abort the update, you should see whether it updated under Device Info. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t try again until you are recharging it.

In the meantime look at your distances. Is your Base connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. or is it on WiFi and halfway between the router and the Outdoor Camera? That would be the preferred placement so you reduce any communication issues.

Thanks for the suggestions. I always had it within 12 inches or so of the base station, which was connected to the router by cable. I tried several times last night, and was about to give up when I decided today to delete the camera from the app, Reboot the camera, Sync and start a new installation. Amazingly, today it worked, so now I’ll mount it.

It also had not ben charging, having been plugged into the base station 48 hours or so to get to 25%. I changed cables and used my Kindle cable, and this morning it was charged.