Outdoor Camera stuck

My outdoor camera says “offline” when I open the app.
When I go to the camera, it says “Getting video data 3/3” then says “connection failed”.
I’ve done all the troubleshooting.
Battery is fully charged, base station connected, restarted everything, including router.
When I unplug the camera from charging, there is no indicator light.
Base is running firmware and cam is both say up-to-date.
I don’t have an SD card so can’t do the suggested firmware flashing,
What else is there to do? It’s only 4 months old!

Are you a beta user? The base firmware looks to be a version ahead of the current and the camera firmware is on the current production firmware (minus the recent update that was put on hold). What app version are you using?

The base firmware is the one that has been suspended and removed from the list. It was the 9/8/21 update that has killed off some bases among other things. the current working version is for base and cam.

Gotcha! Just looked at the firmware page and saw the Aug 9th one at the top of the base page. Thought they would of left the newer release info but locked it like with the camera itself newer firmware that was paused.

Still looking to see what app version and even what device the OP is using.