Outdoor Cam Firmware update

There was a firmware update released 9/9 for the outdoor cam. Has anyone successfully updated it?I keep getting this error a few minutes after starting the update. Now I can’t turn my cam off unless I flip the switch.

Have you updated the base station firmware yet, I have had better luck updating the base station first and then the camera

I’ve tried that also, same results.

Yup. Got a similar result.

I have my Base Station out in my garage connected to a WiFi extender, which has been working pretty reliably for me. The update for the Outdoor Cam went fine. The Base Station failed. Interestingly, when that happened it took down the network from the extender, and it took down my router’s internet connection as well - this part is a total mystery to me - although I have seen this before.

I had to unplug the Base Station, the extender, and then power down my router and modem, and bring everything back up in sequence. That worked for me.

I wish I knew exactly how the Base Station can affect the internet connection upstream on my router, on my non-extended network.

Here’s one piece of evidence on this front. When my Base Station was not working after the firmware update, if I tried to connect to the Outdoor Cam by clicking on the camera icon, the internet connection on my main, non-extended network would be momentarily disrupted. How does that happen? Then, after the Base Station continued to have difficulties, I lost all connection to the internet on my main network. Weird.

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I had the same issue. I managed to get both to update just by unplugging the base station (nothing else), waiting a little bit then plug back in. Then upgraded base station then cam outdoor and went fine.

What version are we up to now? Mine is 4.17.0. 159. I think it updated but can’t be sure.

Mine is stuck at The base station updated fine today. I have tried rebooting the camera, and removing the SD card, with no luck.