Firmware Never Finishes Install

I’ve got a base station connected via wifi to my router and a 3 outdoor cams. The base station says that there’s an update to and it happily goes off to do the update - but it never finishes. I’ve recycled the base station several times.

Is this a known issue?

What can I do to resolve this?

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I also get the “Oops, we’re sorry” message. “Try Again” does nothing other than to put me back in the same place.


Pug the base back into the router and try it again , out of app and log back in

I find backing out of update screen in app, then back in and update is complete

Its allways best after firmware installs to sign out and back in on the app

This was a “user issue”. I just needed to go into my account and update firmware from there. Of course, it needed to be done in sequence. The base station requires that the Outdoor Cams be updated first.

Got it now.
Thanks for the replies!

Thanks for sharing your solution. I was in the same “do loop”… oops, dating myself!