Outdoor cam will not update to latest firmware version

My Outdoor Cam was working great then I noticed it needed a firmware update so I clicked on “Update” and it just kept saying “updating” for at least 7-8 hours before I finally cancelled it. I thought maybe the battery was too low so I brought it in and charged it then put it beside my base station to update the firmware and again, it just idles there for hours.

I tried setting up the device again and now it won’t even do that!

I just purchased two additional Wyze Outdoor Cams to install around my house, but I want to make sure this one is going to work before I even start with the others.

I have a Wyze Cam 2 and it still works perfectly.

I did the update. now none of my 3 cams work. ugh. I had doing these updates. bc I was told that certain things wouldn’t work anymore. It more frustrating me. Bc 99% of the time. I refresh the cards back to where they were.