Time lapse video quality changed?

For the last year or so on clear nights I have been taking time lapse videos of the night sky.
The recording time I set varies but the videos were always around 1GB ish in size.
Recently the time lapse videos I have been taking are now around 500-600MB in size and the quality of the videos seem to be worse than before.
The camera is set to recode in HD as it has always been.
Did something change with time lapse recordings?


I can’t say for sure, but I have noticed A LOT of people posting about timelapse concerns lately, so I believe there is something going on. There should be a “Fix-it-Friday” event next weekend, someone should bring it up, because there are a lot of people expressing concerns related to timelapse lately.

(edit, I brought it up and linked to several threads about time-lapse issues, including this one)