This camera is Garbage

This camera is garbage. Didn’t even waste my time setting up the second one. I bought 2. Throwing them in the garbage and buying another brand.

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Which camera? Wyze makes several different ones. Some are decent, others not so much…

Could just be the latest app version as it is defective.

v2.48.0 is garbage.

v2.47.0 works

Don’t care what version it’s garbage and that’s where it is now. If they knew there was a issue they should have said something before I bought it and that makes me not trust the company

Which camera and what was the problem you had with it?

That’s Ok my boys :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: :raccoon: will retrieve and give to me.


A lot of the issues people have with anything connected to the Internet are blamed on the device when it is their router.

I have exactly 20 Wyze cameras. Mixture of 16 v3(10 of them are outdoors exposed to -2F to 100F), 1 OG, 1 OG Telephoto, 1 outdoor, and 1 original doorbell

I can open the app and the video feed is live within 2 seconds on any camera.

I also have the robot vacuum and the original scale. Both of these work as designed.

Not to brag, but if Wyze cameras were garbage, wouldn’t I be experiencing some of the issues people complain about?

The only Wyze product I own that is junk is the handheld vacuum.


Exactly… Could be a trash wifi router. It could even be a bad app version but judging from the sound of this post, this person didn’t try to troubleshoot anything…

There are times when the interaction of Wyze camera firmware, Wyze App versions and my own WiFi access point require troubleshooting. Luckily I like to tinker with gadgets. I realize some people don’t like to tinker and just want things to work. I am very happy with my v3 cameras. Still on App version 2.47.


Ive been telling them that 2.48 is full of bugs but they keep trying to Diagnose and troubleshoot the same thing.

What issues are you having with specifically 2.48.0?

raf1069 - I will gladly pay for shipping if you will send me those Wyze cameras. Seriously. Please PM me.

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I rolled back to 2.47.0 and it seemed to connect FAST for around 20 mins and then went RIGHT BACK to all the connection errors 20008, 20004, 22001… I might need to try an even OLDER version because I NEVER had these issues before I think it was OCTOBER / NOVEMBER…

I don’t know if it’s the result of the FIRMWARE or the APP UPDATE…


You would think that when someone says ALL THE CAMERAS DON’T WORK… they might look at the delivery system of the cameras… i.e. your network!

Listen people… check your router and WiFi. Go get a MODERN WiFI network… Something that is WiFI 6 compatible. It will change everything about your network experience. And make sure you have network coverage (*** MESH WIFI ***).

Sure, the camera’s can be goofy. But if you are the type that says ALL THE CAMERAS don’t work… you don’t actually want to fix the issue… you just want to sit back and complain and blame something.

It’s lazy and disingenuous. Try harder.

For every one of you that says the camera’s don’t work… there are 10x of us that say they do and we have LOTS of Cameras working on our networks just fine. If you want cool technology, be prepared to pay for the technology required to run that stuff (faster internet package, proper networking equipment).


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PERHAPS that is the case in some, however how does one explain that over 100 people on a reddit post indicate their camera’s are having connection issues and staying connected after they updated the firmware/app back in Nov (17th i believe) ?

If that IS the case, then that means they did a real change to the code which we NEED to be made aware.

Just so you All Know, Wyze acknowledged the issue and is working on it. Supposedly it is a server side issue affecting the App version 2.48.0


It’s doing it for 2.47.0 as well. I wasn’t aware that it contacts their server when only using SD card and no paid service? I assumed that it is using the wifi to connect just to the camera and its sd card… Interesting…

Connection to the cameras goes through the Wyze servers for initial interaction, authorization and connection.

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I brought this up several times before. Wyze needs to have a local hub that everything connects to. Then the Wyze hub, when necessary, connects to the Wyze server.

In the event of an issue with the Wyze servers, the cams could still be viewed and controlled locally.

Years ago my smart home was Samsung SmartThings. It interfaced with my lighting, door locks, leak sensors, lots of stuff. It had a hub but everything was sent to the cloud, When the Samsung server was down, the lights didn’t come on when we got home and the front door did not automatically unlock. Water leaks would have not alerted me nor would they shut the water valve off. Very negative Wife Acceptance Factor. Was told several times to just put it back like it was. Sometimes the Samsung servers were down for hours.

I switched to Hubitat Elevation, which also uses a hub, but is local and very reliable. I can cut the coax for my Internet and my devices still function locally. The hub needs Internet for firmware updates, and also if you want remote access.

Since Wyze makes nothing they sell, convincing a third party manufacturer to design and build the Wyze hub would be difficult. So we are at the mercy of the Wyze servers.

@raf1069 if the trash man hasn’t pick up your garbage, I will pay shipping if you send them to me. One can never have too many cameras.

Spoken like a true Pro-[insert competitor here]; anti-Wyze bot. No info, no ability to illucidate, just whine… Want some cheese for that wine?

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