Wyze Cam V2 is junk

The V2 cam is total junk. I will never buy another Wyze product. Whoever designed the stupid hard to press button needs to be fired. Never got the camera to work after hours of reading forums and talking to support. Now it is flashing blue light and won’t connect. Avoid this crappy camera. They gave me a $10.00 credit but I will not be wasting my money any money on such a crappy product.

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The V3 is a lot better. Not sure if it would solve your issue.

I have prolly 6 of 'em in operation. I especially like them outside near the roof in a little protective housing. I’m under the impression they have a relatively good WiFi range, compared to other wyze models.

They work so well for me that i bought an extra re-furbourbrised model to have ready when one fails.

V2 can’t be too bad with 4.5 stars outta 120K reviews…

Oops, I’m unsure which cam the OP is talking 'bout. Outdoor V2 was selected from the dropdowns.

The nomenclature Wyze gave these camera names is kinda klunky.

Yes, the OP is discussing outdoor V2

Wyze sure isn’t what it started out to be…

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Sadly, no company is :wink:

I will stay with the V3 for now.

If it is a WYZE Cam Outdoor battery powered v2 the flashing blue means it is trying to connect to your 2.4GHz network. I have one of the version one WCO that connects at about 45 feet with a three bar signal but after that it is hit or miss. If it is a battery powered WCO v2 is the Base connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi. ?
My four version one Battery powered WCO v1 have been in operation since November 4 , 2020 using a basic Motorola cable modem/router combo.

Will never buy another Wyze product. They produce crap.

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This cam has never worked. It’s cheep junk. Stay clear of Wyze…they are crap.

Is this the v2, or the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 your having an issue with?

Regular V2 pos

Thanks, I’ll fix the topic tags, you had it set to the cam-outdoor-v2 , which is a different camera.