Thermostat offline repeatedly

No, this is set by the firmware on the thermostat.

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Well that would be exciting if it leads to a solution. I’ve been running the beta firmware for a few weeks and it still drops offline but seems to recover.

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I just updated 2 of mine with the Beta 1.2.8 and will post status updates.

I did the same. NC relay, when powered on, interrupts the Red C wire. This reboots the T-Stat.

Had considered using a simple timer to do reboot nightly at 12:30am,

So the “Funny thing” is the wyze plug has NEVER lost connectivity.

Ok… What is going on?

This morning I clicked on the App to check on my connection and a colorful Wyze logo comes up and says “Let’s get started”.

That never happens.

Then it wanted me to sign in!

What’s up with that? What are they doing?

Your app updated to the Beta Test Release.

See the App Beta Test Thread …


If your using a Wyze smart plug to trigger your relay you can schedule a 1 minute timer in the Wyze app. I’m also using a relay and smart plug to do the reboot. Works perfectly and is never offline anymore.

My wyze thermostat would go offline after a couple weeks or after a day or two. So wyze sent me a new one about three months ago. That one stayed online for several weeks before, once again, going offline. I am away from the location so I have to have someone go over and power off/power on. Then it stays online for awhile. So, I am ready to give up and buy another brand. All of my wyze cameras, my ring doorbell, my wifi lights, never go offline. Just this thermostat. Wyze company appears to be unaware of the problem or is unable to fix it. I can’t be the only one having this issue.

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You’re not the only one…
From now on I’m just going to submit a Log File to Support. The community here has done all it could do.
I was posting here because I didn’t want them to think the problem had gone away but the Log File is going to have to do. The problem is Too random!
Fortunately, I’m not remote unless we’re on vacation…

I fixed my Thermostat connectivity problem. Finally had more than enough!!!

Purchased 2 new ecobee3 lite units. and my friend with the rental home has purchased 3 to solve his issues. $189 each, worth every penny! Works as they should!

Shame on Wyze, Shame on Wyze, Shame on Wyze for not addressing this connectivity issues in any public or meaningful way.

If you go the ecobee route, you will appreciate the touch screen that acts like a smartphone screen. no more twisting the knob and pushing/clicking

The wiring terminals are labeled exactly the same, so easy one4one wiring. Takes about 10 minutes to replace. 20 minutes start to finish.

Oh, and if you want to change to a different wifi network, simple onscreen connection setup, select the ssid, type the passphrase. No full re-install to accomplish such a simple task.

Wyze, take a look at the ecobee units and come out with a Thermostat-V2, then I can have my home automation in one place. I tried to stay in the Wyze ecosystem, but you forced me out on the Thermostat Connectivity unresolved issues.


I have had enough too. When I get home I will buy the ecobee

“If You Only Do What You Can Do, You Will Never Be More Than You Are Now.”

There are several versions of the ecobee units. At Home Depot/Lowes (retail) the unit is not the 3 lite, but is the Enhanced version with a radar sensor to help distinguish home/away. and then there is the Premium bundle with a sensor that does all kinds of air quality things including smoke detection and notification to you. Don’t necessarily go cheap, might be good time to treat yourself/family to useful advanced tech. 3lite, enhanced, and premium. Be well and enjoy technology that works for you, reliably.

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Wyze Thermostat offline

Thermostat is still showing offline in app. Anyone else having this issue still with AWS issue.

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Welcome @michaelcoronafl

I am not experiencing this issue. It could be related to the AWS outage yesterday. Easiest thing to do is remove the T-Stat from the wall, wait for about a minute or less, then plug it back in and let it boot up.

I used to do this and the T-Stat cam back online

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Unfortunately I am not at the location now.

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So after wading through 300 posts this much is clear, there’s a connectivity issue, no one, including wyse has a clue, and there’s no point in wasting another minute trying to figure it out. My thermostat is powered by a small transformer which is plugged into a wyse plug (as are my cameras which very occasionally go offline). Even when the thermostat in my cabin is out it retains its setting. In the summer the heat is off (no AC). In the winter it holds 55 regardless. And with a quick off/on with the remote plug it goes back online so we can warm the place before we arrive. Easy enough. Not wasting any more time on this. But i’d urge everyone to pan this device on Amazon or wherever you bought it. That may save others from this inconvenience and hurting wyse sales is the most effective way to get them to find a cure.

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I have done the same thing at my summer cottage.
Movin’ on.

I also installed one of the Wyze thermostats in my summer place. It worked fine for 2 months. Driving home I checked and found it was offline. I had a neighbor go in and cycle power to the furnace. It came back online for less than 24 hours. I have good neighbors but can’t be asking them to baby sit this thing for me. It will go in the garbage when I get back there next year.

Same problem here. Thermostat at my remote cabin keeps going offline and obviously Wyze hasn’t fixed the issue in over 2 years. All the other wireless devices at the cabin are fine, including a Wyze Cam 3. Here’s my workaround, as I have a C wire directly from an electrical outlet, as opposed from the furnace itself. I installed a wireless socket. So when the thermostat goes offline, like it seems to do once a day, I reset the C wire wireless plug from my app wherever I am in the world, and the thermostat comes back on line. But yes, this is obviously a Wyze issue. I am using an Apple Express Router (2nd edition). And the router recognizes the thermostat. But the thermostat continuously goes Offline in the app.

Wyze Thermostats offline

Have they figured out the bug for the Wyze thermostats going offline all the time…?
I’ve been dealing with this for two years now…

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