Thermostat not working - no heat

Can someone help me to correctly wire cable from my old thermostat to wyze thermostat ?

Your wires are as follows: (make sure you tell the wyze app you have these wires during setup)
L = Blue wire, Heat pump monitor, unused on wyze, cap it off.
X2 = Brown wire, Emergency heat, * on wyze.
G = Green wire, Fan, G on wyze.
W2 = White wire, Backup / second stage heat, W1 on wyze.
O = Orange wire, Heat pump reversing valve, O/B on wyze
Y = Yellow wire, A/C compressor, Y1 on wyze
C = Black wire, 24VAC Common, C on wyze
R = Red wire, 24VAC Hot, Rc on wyze.


Thanks Speadie, It’s working



It’s stop working after one day or after schedule change to sleep.

System start with cold air and stop after few minutes (around 3min).

Thermostat is connected to Trane heat pump kit TAYPLUS103A

In waiting fallback to older thermostat

It’s stop working



I do not have THT1248 Bonnet Thermostat installed as it’s a gaz furnace, not oil furnace

Is your heat pump not working? I notice your old thermostat is in aux heat mode, not in heat pump mode.

What I notice is my heat pump is On as my gaz ( aux) is On since I got the system.

Is something misconfigurated ?

For furnace+heat pump applications, comfort control must be dual fuel capable or use accessory TAYPLUS103A…. does Wyze support dual fuel?

From my understanding, TAYPLUS103A acting has a dual fuel controler

Should I by pass TAYPLUS103A controler ?

No. The wyze does not currently have the outdoor temperature sense capability to know to turn off the heat pump when it’s too cold to run it effectively. If your controller has that built in, then you should keep using it. Normally, the Wyze thermostat will kick in secondary heat if the heat pump is not heating effectively enough after a delay, but your controller turns off the heat pump, and wyze doesn’t know about your controller, so it will blow room temperature air around for a bit and then kick in the second stage heating when it notices that it is taking too long to heat up.