Thermostat - Heat not working for Heat Pump Unit

Hello everybody, Having some troubles getting my heat to work, AC works fine, which is ok for now, but soon I like to know if I can control the following unit:

Rheem RP1424AJ1NA - Classic 2 Ton 14 SEER Heat Pump Condenser, 208-230/1/60

The attached image shows the Heat Pump wiring in my previous Thermostat.
The attached image has Heat Pump right under Conventional, and the arrows are pointing to the outside letters.

I attached everything as the app told me to do.
I put
AUX as W
E as *
O/B as O/B

And it always keeps complaining.
Currently, I have AUX and E ignored so I can at least use the AC.

If anyone could please help me out to get this to work, that would be great,

Thank you,


Post a picture of the wired Wyze thermostat.

@speadie should have a answer for you

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Thank you very much for your help.

The orange wire should be on O/B for the heat pump. As far as the black and white wires, I’m guessing one is emergency heat and heat strips? I believe one should be on W1 and the other *

That’s how I described it in the first post. That’s how I had it and it did not work at all. Wyze kept telling me that the O/B wasn’t connected.

Unless you wanted me try to reverse it and put Black on O/B?

The orange wire is typically wired to O/B, and based on your original wiring on the previous thermostat, it should be wired to O/B. I’m not sure about the black and white wires. Probably need to wait for @speadie to chime in. Probably would help to post pix of the wiring on the other end.

You can skip over the part where it does wire detection If you keep trying in the app. Ken is correct. Orange must go to O/B. White to Aux, Black to *.

Thank you very much. I will check that out. I could not see a skip option at. Maybe I was too frustrated. I will have a closer look.

Thanks for taking the time to help out.

You might have to tell it to “try again” a couple of times for the skip button to show up. Sometimes the wire detection just doesn’t work properly though, and it will eventually give you the option to skip it.

Thank You everybody for your input. I did all you recommended. Now the heater will not stop.
It shows on my display “Cooling to 69 in 4 min” Nothing ever happened.
It is now 78 up here. Before I turn medium well I will set this back the way it was before. At least I get some AC. But I have a feeling that I might have to return those.

It is saying that the black cable (*) is missing. But it is inserted all the way.

The strange thing I can see here is that downstairs is working fine but the upstairs is not. I noticed there is a brown extra cable that was also not used before, I wonder if that is needed now.
Why would only be heat coming out? Are there any Wyze tech support people or will I need to call?

Thank you.

Your old wiring pic got an unconnected black wire and a connected black wire.

You Wyze wiring, the unhooked black wire does not look like the same as the original. Did it got mixed up?

You need to post pic of the wiring at the air handler/furnace board.

Check for any wire splices between handler and thermostat. HVaC tech might sometimes switched color in between.

If all fails, call in a good hVac tech.

UPDATE: One device was faulty, they sending me a new one and that should take care of the problem. Thank you everybody for your help.