Heat not coming on

I installed my thermostat yesterday. I had W, Y, R&Rc jumped, G connected in old one. I connected a C wire thst was attached on the control board. I followed the Wyze setup video and when it got to testing the system when it asked if I felt hot air I felt cool and when it asked if I felt cold air the heat was on. Now the heat doesn’t come on at all. No fan nothing. The AC will come on. I’m running a heat pump with NO electric strips. Any tips before I pay the AC guy to come out?



Do you have a photo of the Wyze back plate with wiring?

This doesn’t look like a heat pump setup. You’re missing a wire in the O terminal.

I had the AC guy come out and he said yes it’s atypical for a heat pump set up so he took the W1 and moved it to OB and it’s working like a champ.

Thanks for the advice

Perfect! Glad to hear!